Repurposed Set of Small Cloches

One of the quickest and easiest projects with a great look is on tap for today! 

I've made these before and they are certainly worth revisiting! 

Grab a few finds from around your house and a couple of stemless wine glasses and follow along! 

You'll be glad you did! 

cloches made from wine glasses with gold finials

Today I'm creating small wine glass cloches with gold finials. 

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Like I said, I've made these before and you can visit that post here. 

wine glass and glass base

Today I'm using more stemless wine glasses and creating a couple with a large finial on top! 

wine glasses with finials

Truth be told I bought a set of these inexpensive stemless wine glasses a while back and I don't like them for wine. The glasses are large and my hand barely goes around it. I always felt like I was about to drop my glass of wine! So, since I never use them for wine, why not repurpose them!

cloche with wooden base and gold finial

The cloches I made before had small knobs on top but today's cloche tops have a big presence!

glass cloches with knob tops

I'm repurposing a couple of old curtain finials. 

cloche with gold finial

The finials started out black but a minute with a brush and Gold Leaf Rub and Buff made them an amazing gold color. I'm ready to buy this Rub and Buff in every color, they look great on so many projects!


gold finials and glasses with a base

I used this same Rub and Buff color on my outdoor solar light candles recently.  Anyway, just brush on the gold and let it dry. There is no rubbing and buffing involved with this project. 

cloche with gold finial on wooden base

Once the finials were dry, or before if you can't wait, I used E 6000 glue to attach them to the bottom of the wine glass... which is now the top. 

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gold finial cloches with overlay

You can repurpose almost anything for a base too. 

I tried a wooden candle top, which just happened to be a perfect fit. 

finial on glass with wooden candle top for base

I used a square drink coaster which worked great too. 

finial and glass with square drink coaster base

I also used a large candle top that I turned into a mini table riser

cloche with gold finial on mini table riser

Anything makes a great base for these new giant finial cloches! 


cloches with gold finials and bases

Fill the cloche with anything you want to make special just by sticking it under glass! This is a beautiful piece of coral my daughter just brought for me from Florida.

glass cloche with finial and coral inside

I'm adding these to the mini cloche collection on my living room shelves. 

cloche collection

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two cloches with finials and overlay



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