Patchwork Flower Pocket with a Transfer

Today's project is an easy one using fabric scraps and no sewing! 

I even added a cute little bee to one of the patches and it looks adorable filled with faux flowers hanging on the door. 

If your fabric stash is filled with small pieces then this is a project for you! The best part is there is no sewing involved! 

Take a look...

flower pocket with flowers on front door

I began with a few different fabrics, burlap, an old tea towel and fabric drop cloth.

drop cloth fabric

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First, I cut a length of drop cloth about 18" x 8" and frayed the edges all the way around then folded the fabric in half. 

Next, I cut a piece of the black and white tea towel into a big triangle and ironed it flat. 

mini iron on black and white fabric triangle

I'm using a fabric iron on adhesive called HeatnBond and ironed a piece of it the same size as the tea towel triangle to the back of the fabric. When it cooled you just peel off the paper, flip it over and iron it to the folded drop cloth piece.  

fabric bonder package

fabric with bonder and peeled paper

Next, I'm using a transfer called Classic Vintage Label Transfers from Piglet's Closet. The tube comes with 3 sheets of transfers to use for many projects, I chose the bee to rub onto the small area of drop cloth on my project. 

sheets of transfer paper and tube

I rubbed the back of the transfer with the included wooden stick until the transfer got lighter, indicating that it was sticking to my surface. If you'd like to you can paint the surface of the drop cloth fabric before you add the transfer but it is not necessary for it to stick to the fabric. 

fabric transfer on drop cloth

Next, I cut a piece of burlap with a frayed edge and ironed it onto the bottom of my project in the same way as before. 

burlap with fabric bonder and iron

The mini iron can be found here

patchwork with bee and burlap

Lastly, I folded over the top edge of the bag and used hot glue to glue the edges of the bag closed. I added a piece of cardboard inside to give the bag stiffness. 

folded edge of bag and cardboard

All that was left to do now was to add a string. I tore the hemmed edges off the tea towel, tied them in a knot and then glued the ends into the bag. 

flower pocket with string hanger


patchwork bag for flowers

Next, I filled the bag with faux flowers and hung it up! 

patchwork bag filled with faux flowers

It looks great hanging on a wall or on an inside door. 

flower bag with transfer hanging on door


flower pocket filled with daisies

It can also be hung on the front door behind the storm door as a wreath alternative! 

flower pocket with flowers on front door

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flower pocket with flowers and overlay pin

Give this easy no-sew project a try, the transfer looks great and I can't wait to try them again on my next project! 

flower pocket on wall with faux flowers

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patchwork flower pocket on wall with flowers

Piglet's Closet sent me the transfer to use on this project. All opinions are my own! 



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