Cardboard Flying Ghost Wreath

If you're looking for a cute Halloween project that is made with things you have around the house then this is it! It's a project the kids will love to help with too! 

Recently while out shopping I saw this adorable metal flying ghost wreath and thought right away that it was something I could make in no time. 

I had to figure out what I could use and teach you to use that was readily available. 

So I figured it out and it came out very cute! 

There's still time and you whip this up in no time! 

Take a look...

Flying ghost wreath on a hook

Cardboard! Everyone has cardboard and if you order from Amazon even half as much as I do then you definitely have plenty of cardboard. I wanted to use it to create a wreath like my inspiration wreath:

metal ghost wreath at the store

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I drew a small ghost shape and cut out a whole bunch of little ghosts while watching TV one night. 

Cardboard ghost


I actually cut out about 20 little cardboard ghosts. 

pile of cardboard ghosts

Once I had all the ghosts I needed to think about what I could put them on to create a wreath. 

wreath of cardboard ghosts

I used part of a wire wreath form from Dollar Tree. I cut off the 2 outside circles so I had a smaller wreath frame to work with. 

part of a wire wreath

If you don't have a wreath frame then use more cardboard! Cut yourself out a small circle of cardboard with a hole in the center for your wreath base. 

Next, I used Waverly Chalk Paint in the color Plaster to paint 2 coats on the cardboard ghosts. I only painted one side but you could certainly do both sides. 

painted white wreath

Once the ghosts were dry I used a Distress Ink stamp pad and a soft brush to rub color around the outer edge of each ghost. 

ghosts with ink pad and brush

The Distress Ink will give the ghosts shading and definition. 

pile of white ghosts with shading

Lastly, I gave each ghost a little face with a Sharpie Marker. 

ghosts with little faces

I began hot gluing the little ghosts around the outside of the wreath form first, overlapping each one slightly and all going in the same direction. 

wreath with cardboard ghosts

When I went all the way around I began gluing on the inside circle of ghosts. After that I overlapped the few remaining ghosts. 

circle wreath of ghosts

I wanted to cover the back of the wreath to hide the hot glue so I traced a bowl to make a circle on a paper bag then cut a hole in the center of the circle. 

bowl to trace circle

circle of paper bag

I glued the circle to the back of the wreath to cover all the imperfections. 

back of ghost wreath

Then to finish off the wreath I glued a piece of cotton ribbon to the top of the wreath. 

wreath of ghosts with ribbon hanger

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ghost wreath with overlay

Once it was cardboard from Amazon and now it is an adorable little flying ghost wreath. 

wreath of ghosts on peg rack

This was a fun project and cost just about nothing to make. 


ghost wreath on pegs

It would be a great project to make with the grandchildren too! 

circle of flying ghosts


ghost wreath on pegs

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ghost wreath with overlay


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