Gathered Stuffed Pumpkin

It's almost time to start thinking about the next season and here I am still making pumpkins! 

My house is decorated for Fall, it is Fall, almost time to start thinking about Christmas and still I can't stop seeing pumpkins in everything I do. 

Today I started out making something else and before I knew it... I was making a pumpkin! 

Take a look...

gathered pumpkin on mantel with print and wreath

I have a fully stocked craft room/office in my house, I know, I'm lucky! I also have a fully stocked workshop in my basement. 

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I go up and down all day, paper crafts upstairs, big projects downstairs. My Fitbit shows my amazing number of stair stats everyday. 

Today, while setting out to do something else, I tore off a piece of an old, faded IKEA curtain I've had for years.

ikea curtain package

If IKEA had any idea how great these curtains are and how many projects you can make with them, they'd sell them for twice as much. 

When I tore off the piece of fabric I noticed that the pattern in the fabric caused it to gather when it was torn. 

gathered curtain fabric

Woah! That looks cool! And yep, a pumpkin with ribs came to my mind!

I put the right sides together and used hot glue to attach the ends. 

hot gluing sides of fabric

Then I grabbed a needle and thread and gathered the bottom of the soon to be pumpkin to create the bottom. 

hand sewing the gathered bottom

gathered bottom of pumpkin shape

Now I had a great pumpkin shape that was just calling for stuffing.

gathered bag of fabric

So I used Polyfil, but I often use stuffing from an old pillow, and stuffed the fabric pumpkin to the top. 

stuffing in pumpkin shape

At the top I once again gathered the fabric with a needle and thread. 

gathered top of pumpkin

Once the top was gathered you could see the great ribs the gathers in the fabric created! 

I checked around for a real pumpkin stem but it seems I'm out of them for the season. I just made too many pumpkins!

Instead I used a piece of an antique yardstick that had 4 sides, a very cool piece!

pumpkin with yardstick stem

I hot glued it into the center then added Spanish moss around the top.

pumpkin stem and moss and tendril

For the tendril I used a piece of rebar wire that I coiled around a dowel. 

Lastly, I added a leaf. I know, it isn't a pumpkin leaf but it looks cute anyway!

top of pumpkin with stem and leaf

Another choice would be to add a Fall leaf, whichever you choose will look great! 

fall leaf on top of stuffed pumpkin


stuffed pumpkin and mushrooms

So that was it! 

watercolor of stuffed pumpkin

Please pin for later --->> 

stuffed pumpkin and overlay

The story about how I made an impromptu pumpkin from a scrap of an old curtain. 

stuffed pumpkin on mantel with wreath and photo

The print in the background is by Karen Lind. She is a great artist that makes fabulous prints for your home. 

I just wish I could remember what I originally set out to make downstairs today. 😜

stuffed pumpkin, black crow and mushrooms

Recycled fabric is always the best! I also just finished making these cute little pumpkins... the sweater just didn't look that good on me so I cut it up and made sweater pumpkins with it before the day was done! 

orange sweater pumpkins

stuffed pumpkin with fall leaves in a frame


stuffed pumpkin

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stuffed pumpkin on the mantel




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