Gold and Black Glittered Acorns

Do you have Oak trees and acorns where you live? 

We have a ton this year and while I'm out walking my puppy I find them everywhere. 

Yesterday I stuffed my pockets full of large acorns while trying to keep my puppy from eating them at the same time! 

I've made glittered acorns in years past but this time I had another idea.

Take a look...

glittered acorns and a dish

Like I said, I stuffed my pockets full of acorns, some with caps, some without caps and some were even double acorns. Did you know you can even buy real looking fake acorns on Amazon?!

bowl of acorns

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Years ago I made orange glittered acorns and they were a hit! 

orange glittered acorns

Today I had another idea. Well I had a few ideas, and the first one was using gold leaf flakes from the dollar store but that one was a fail. The flakes were not sticking down like I had hoped.  It was a mess!

gold leaf acorn fail

So the very first thing I did was to hot glue all the caps onto the acorns. Even if they already had a cap I took it off and re-glued it because I just know it would eventually fall off anyway. 

acorns with caps glued on

Next, I grabbed my gold leaf Rub and Buff. I was going to get these acorns gold somehow and the Rub and Buff worked great. 

gold Rub and Buff acorns

I painted the Rub and Buff on using a small paintbrush. 

painting gold and black acorns

Next, I used a regular black craft paint and painted the tops of all the acorns. 

gold acorns with black caps

Now I was ready for another embellishment so I am using a fine black dust glitter. This one was leftover from my daughter's wedding 11 years ago. 

They probably don't even make this glitter anymore but here is a similar fine black glitter. 

acorn in glitter

I used a little clear school glue, brushed it on some of the acorns right over the Rub and Buff then dipped the acorn in the glitter. 

gold leaf and glittered acorns

I only glittered some of the acorns. 

glittered acorns on table

I also glittered some of the caps I had leftover in the same way. 

glittered acorns and caps

I ended up with a bowl full of gold and black glittered acorns that look beautiful and go so nicely with the colors in my house. The photos don't do the glitter justice! 

gold and glittered acorns in a bowl

If you have fine gold glitter you can mix in a little of that too but I was out of gold! 

glittered black acorns

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bowl of gold acorns and overlay

This is such an easy project and you probably have all the materials you need at home or right outside your front door! 

cloche with glittered acorns

I made this cloche with a textured paint treatment I made a while back

cloche with glittered acorns


gold and glittered acorns

You may want to bake your acorns in the oven for 30 minutes at 250 degrees to kill any bugs. 

You can also spray them with a natural bug spray too.  I didn't see any worm holes in my acorns so I skipped this step. 

double acorn with gold and glitter

I hope you'll give this easy project a try and if you need any more inspiration, head over to Pinterest, you'll find many decorative acorns in all colors and embellishments! 

bowl of glitter and gold acorns


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acorns in a bowl with overlay


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