Repurposed Jewelry Scrapbook and Journal Page Holders

If you've been following along lately you'll know I have a new hobby... scrapbook journaling. 

Smash Books and Junk Journals to be exact. I've been having so much fun decorating old and dollar store books and making journals out of them. 

I ran into a small problem while I was working on the journals and I set out to fix that problem as beautifully and inexpensively as I could. 

Take a look...

book page holders with jewels

If you saw my post on how to make Smash Books and Junk Journals, you'll know that at the end I left you with a little cliff hanger. 

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The problem I ran into was keeping the pages open while I worked on them. The pages kept closing as I added Washi tape or stickers. 

hand holding open the junk journal

I looked into a solution to this problem and found out that there are many different kinds of book page holders and clips out there

Problem was that all the cute ones were upwards of $25. I didn't need one that badly, I'd use something heavy instead! 

Until while I was searching I found this set of inexpensive book page holders

book page holder set

Now if you know me you'll know that I just couldn't leave them as these simple holders. I mean they worked great but where's the pizazz?

smash book with book page holder

I happened to have a bunch of old brooches that I no longer wore so I thought they would be the perfect things to spice up these plain wires. 


And so it went. I began by looking for thin silver wire and wouldn't you know it but there was no wire anywhere in my house. 

I did however find these bag ties that came with a package of cellophane bags. I had a ton of these. I stripped off the silver and inside was the perfect silver wire that was just the right size. 

bag closures with wire

I used the wire and a little crazy glue to attach the brooches to the wire clips. 

cicada pin book clip

First a cute little cicada pin. I think this one is my favorite! 

cicada book holder on smash book page

It not only held my page open but it looked cute doing it! 

cicada pin book clip on scrapbook page

Next I used a silver pin which I attached to the silver book page holder. 

silver pin on silver book holder

They just slide right into the book through the top and the wide arms hold the book wide open to work on! 

silver sun dial book page holder

I used the diamond brooch on the copper colored page holder. 

diamond brooch on copper book clip

This was really exactly what I needed! 

diamond book holder on book page

And the gold pin I put on the gold wire, I tried to match the different metals with the jewelry I had. 

gold heart flowered pin

gold flowered book page holder

They are now the cutest book page holders around! 

repurposed jewelry book page holders

I should probably sell them for upwards of $25! 😆

diamond book page holder in junk journal

Please pin for later ---->> 

book page holders and scrap book with overlay

Now when I do my junk journaling or work on a Smash Book I'll have these little cuties to hold open my book for me! 

bejeweled book page holders and overlay

I've gotta get back to my new favorite hobby... scrapbooking in a Junk Journal or Smash Book! 

scrap book page with embellished book page holder

How to Make a Smash Book and a Junk Journal

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book page holder on spine of book

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