Repurposed Garden Pumpkin

If you've been following Homeroad for a while now, you'll know I repurpose almost anything into  pumpkins in the Fall. 

I see potential pumpkins everywhere! 

Today I got a call that something cool was on the side of the road and I should go get it right away!

I jumped in the car and now it's mine! 

Take a look...

rock garden with radiatior pumpkin

So you have to have a good sense of humor for this one. 

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My daughter is the one who called and knew I would use it for something... but a pumpkin? 

old radiator

It was an old radiator, about 18" tall.  It was iron and it weighed about 50 lbs. I didn't realize that until I tried lifting it into the back of my car!

I might have liked it in it's chippy, rusty state but it had light blue paint on it too and it wasn't too pretty. In a chippy, rusty way that is. 

radiator with blue paint

I knew that somehow I wanted to turn this old radiator into a pumpkin for my garden. 

original radiator with a stem

So I decided to paint it all one color. 

I thought about painting it white but my husband convinced me to paint it orange. I'm so glad he has a good sense of humor too. 

orange radiator

So orange it was. 

Wouldn't you knoow it, I didn't have enough of the orange paint I wanted to use so I began mixing craft paint to it, a little brown, a little peach, and another orange color. 

The new color was perfect! Well as perfect as an orange radiator pumpkin could be. 

painted orange radiator

When the orange paint dried, and getting paint into all those crevices was no easy task, I was ready to decorate. 

I already knew I was going to put a little Spanish moss on the top with a very large real pumpkin stem. 

top of radiator pumpkin with moss and stem

I also had some magnolia leaves in the basement I could use... hey, why not? It's going on a radiator for Pete's sake, magnolia leaves would be perfect! 

There was even a little piece on the magnolia stem I could wind around a pencil for a tendril.

stem, magnolia leaves and moss

When my pumpkin was finished I dragged it around the backyard and tried it in a few places in the yard.

radiator pumpkin in garden


It definitely looked best in the rock garden and it's so large you can see it from the house! 

radiator pumpkin and planter with sign

I think I may have to change out that seed sign to say Pumpkin Patch! 

radiator pumpkin in garden


So I hope this motivates you to think pumpkins in the Fall, not just real pumpkins but creative pumpkins made from road side finds. 

rock garden with pumpkin and planters


watercolor radiator pumpkin

What is she going to do with it when Fall is over you might ask? I'll probably paint it white, a snowman maybe? 

radiator pumpkin and pot

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radiator pumpkin and overlay pin

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orange radiator pumpkin



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