Recycled Fabric Pumpkin with Label

This was a fun project... I saw a stuffed pumpkin in the store with a pretty fabric label on the front of it. It was so cute and I figured not too hard to make.

The hardest part was deciding on the stem but I worked that out in the end. 

I'm happy with how this adorable stuffed, recycled pumpkin came out and the label is bonus! 

Take a look...

pumpkin pillow and accordion wall rack

The pumpkin I saw in the store had a ticking stripe on it and a printed fabric label that was fringed. 

How hard could that be to do? I've made a ton of stuffed pumpkins!

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I've even printed on fabric before

So here's what I came up with... I looked through my collection of fabric items that were too cute to give away and I came up with a Pottery Barn grain striped table runner. 

grain striped table runner piece

The runner had too many stains to save but if I was careful I could find just enough fabric from this 10' runner to make my pumpkin. 

I cut a piece about 14"-16" long, my runner was lined so if the fabric you are using isn't you'll need twice as much fabric. 

runner turned inside out

The first thing I did was to turn my runner inside out grab a rubber band. You can use twine, or a zip tie. Just make sure it is tight!  

rubber band around gathered fabric

I gathered one end of the fabric and tied it together tightly, then turned the runner back to the right side. 

I used a very squishy feather pillow to stuff my pumpkin but you could also use the inside of an old, washed pillow. 

stuffed fabric with tied top

I pushed the feather pillow down inside my runner and then tied the top with jute. 

I used more thin jute to wrap around the pumpkin in all directions to create the pumpkin ribs. Make sure you leave a space for your label in front. 

stuffed fabric pumpkin with ribs

At the top of the pumpkin I gathered all the fabric and cut it straight across.

trimmed top of pumpkin

I used thick jute from the dollar store and hot glue to wrap all the way up the stem and around the center. 

Thick jute tied around stem

This is a great way to create an easy stem but I had another idea I wanted to try so I started over. 

jute wrapped pumpkin stem

I cut the jute stem off near the bottom with a serrated knife. 

cut off pumpkin stem top

Then using hot glue I glued a very large real pumpkin stem I had from a recent trip to the pumpkin patch to the top of the cut off stem. 

real pumpkin stem and spanish moss

I wrapped the stem with Spanish moss and I like this idea for a stem even better. Either one is a good idea! 

Next, I printed out my label. I used a whole sheet of 8" x 10" full sheet sticker paper and cut a piece of drop cloth fabric to fit on it. Trim the edges so it is the exact same size as your sticker paper. 

fabric on sticker paper

Now you're going to print out a design onto that fabric by running the sticker paper/fabric through the printer. 

I have, and love, an Epson Ecotank Printer and it took a few tries to get the fabric in the paper slot but it worked fine in the end. 

printed fabric coming out of the printer

I found this free printable design at Crow's Feet Chic. 

printed fabric pumpkin label

Once the label was printed I peeled the fabric off the sticker paper and cut it to the size I wanted then frayed the edges.

frayed fabric pumpkin label

I used hot glue to attach the label to the pumpkin and it was finished! 

label on front of pumpkin

Not too shabby! 

stuffed pumpkin pillow with stem


pumpkin pillow in wooden bowl

It looks very much like the pumpkin I saw in the store only I recycled fabric and used what I had instead of spending money! 

pumpkin on table in front of window

Please pin for later --->> 

round stuffed pumpkin pin

Give this idea for a recycled fabric pumpkin a try. There are so many variations to try. Switch out the stem, the fabric, or the label!


pumpkin pillow and peg rack

That pretty gold wreath was another recycled project recently!

stuffed pumpkin with overlay

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real pumpkin stem and spanish moss on top of pumpkin



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