Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIY Junky Bird Feeder

Here Birdie, birdie, birdie...

DIY Junky Bird Feeder

Look what I made for you....

Using parts I found in my workshop...

basement workshop

Yep, that's it...
A corner of the unfinished basement I call my own.

I collected bits and pieces from my junk collection...

DIY Junky Bird Feeder

Using a little E6000 glue, which holds securely, 
I attached found pieces until it resembled
what I had in mind.

DIY Junky Bird Feeder

Now I'm pretty sure that due to the Jack Russell Terrier
we have in our yard, that no bird in it's right mind would
come within ten feet of this bird feeder...

DIY Junky Bird Feeder

So I'm selling it in my space at

and I hope birds in someone's yard will enjoy
their new bird feeder.

DIY Junky Bird Feeder

It turned out just as I had imagined when 
I started and I hope the birds love it!

DIY Junky Bird Feeder

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  1. Such a fun bird feeder. It will "fly" out of the shop :)

  2. Any bird would be grateful to dine from this masterpiece! So talented, you are :-)

    Have a HAPPY Monday...


  3. Love it! Need it for my yard as the birds have taken over and they are hungry. =)


  4. That is by far THE BEST bird feeder I've EVER seen! I love it!! You have the greatest ideas. I LOVE your blog! ;)

  5. p.s. sharing on my facebook page. ;)


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