A Mason Jar Chandelier

Today I'm transforming this old chandelier...

I started this project with an old candle chandelier and 
a dollar store basket.

I painted them both with a couple coats of red paint.

A dab of Krazy glue in all the right places and this basket is holding tightly!

I'm including Amazon affiliate links so you can find products like I used 
at no additional cost to you. 

I placed an electric candle in each arm of the chandelier
then used Krazy Glue to adhere a Mason Jar onto each of the five candle holders.

The painted lid is now permanently attached to the candle holder and the jar unscrews from the lid to replace the lights.

I dropped a potted plant into the center of the chandelier 
and my project was finished!

The perfect chandelier for the summer holidays!

Looks gorgeous at night too!

Now back to the hoarding pile to see what I can make next!


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