How to Make Hooks From Vintage Rakes

I created a great wall hook display from vintage hand tools last year but this time I'm giving them a new look.

Vintage rakes attached to reclaimed wood

Using vintage hand rakes I mounted each on a piece of mahogany with a chain to hang them on the wall.

Vintage garden rakes with overlay text

I bent the hooks up and out to create a better hook. 

Vintage rake on reclaimed wood with ruler

 and added a little ruler bling.

A metal tag, a vintage ruler, whatever I could find around the workshop.

             Vintage rake on board with tea towel

Vintage rake on board with metal tag

The tongs of the rake make a great place to hang a towel.

Vintage garden rake and tea towel
Repurposed & Reloved for the garden.

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Vintage garden rakes with text overlay

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