How to Customize a Metal Canister

This metal canister was just too 
cute to pass up at a garage sale last weekend...

metal canister with customized label

metal canister with customized label

I created a label from the Graphics Fairy
outstanding collection of graphics.

I printed out the image with a laser printer (not in reverse)
and coated the image with Omni Gel Transfer Medium.

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I gave it 3 coats and let each coat dry in between.

DY metal canister with customized label

When the paper was dry I cut around the image and wet the back of the paper. I rubbed off the paper until I had a plasic-y image in my hand... Then I placed it onto the canister and gave the image another top coat of Omni Gel.

Create a label to transfer to any canister

That's it... The image looks amazing!

Transfer method for enamelware

This canister is perfect for a laundry soap container but you can choose any image you like and use it on anything! The directions on Omni Gel say you can use it on a variety of surfaces. 

Add a transfer to a metal container

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