How to Customize a Metal Canister

This metal canister was just too 
cute to pass up at a garage sale last weekend.

metal canister

metal canister with decal and chalkboard

I created a label from the Graphics Fairy outstanding collection of graphics.

I printed out the image with a laser printer (not in reverse) and coated the image with Omni Gel Transfer Medium.

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I gave it 3 coats and let each coat dry in between. 

label on metal canister

When the paper was dry I cut around the image and wet the back of the paper. 

I rubbed off the paper until I had a plasic-y image in my hand.

Then I placed it onto the canister and gave the image another top coat of Omni Gel.

metal canister with label

That's it... 

The image looks amazing!

enamelware canister and chalkboard

This canister is perfect for a laundry soap container but you can choose any image you like and use it on anything! 

The directions on Omni Gel say you can use it on a variety of surfaces. 

metal container with label

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  1. This canister was cute when you found it and your embellishment puts it over the top! :)

  2. It is cute, I agree! I love how you added even more cuteness :-D

    Have a wonderful weekend...

  3. Darling canister especially after you "enhanced" it. Thank you for the product information too.

  4. You found yourself a very cute vintage piece. I love how you added the label.

  5. Amazing quick makeover! I totally would have grabbed that at a garage sale too!


  6. Very clever...I love it! I too would have grabbed it and rannn fast, lol!

  7. OK, you are right, that is cute. So I'm pinning it of course to remind me to try that process. Does the paper all come off and just leave the image?

  8. super cute! I really want to try the image transfer...could you move closer so I'd get crafting?!

    1. I'd love to move closer... Long Island is getting way too expensive! We would have fun though Jane, I could use a crafting buddy!


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