The Country Living Fair and my To-Do List

I was one of the lucky Hometalk Bloggers
that got VIP tickets to the 
Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY
this weekend!


I met a lot of new friends and even a couple of old faces...
well not old... but a few bloggers feel like old friends.

We had a great opportunity to chat with Rachel Hardage Barrett the Editor-in-Chief of Country Living Magazine.

She was a doll and had a great southern accent.


This clothespin was great... not sure what I'd hang up with it...
but I stopped for a photo and kept walking.

The fair was very exciting and it was a beautiful day!


The inspiration for my to-do list was everywhere. 
I was snapping pictures left and right. 

My list was as long as my arm before 
I was half way around the fair. 

I wanted to go right home and make everything I saw!

This woman, and I'm sorry I didn't get her name,
made some adorable bird feeders using pie tins.


I was so inspired by her creations that I ran home and made one 
the very next morning...


(Stay tuned for more about this project!)

This garden booth was gorgeous... I wanted everything in it.


I would even venture to say that someone out there
was inspired by Homeroad... 


I made this exact tote with the metal handle a few weeks ago... 
(stay tuned for that project too!)

This was a great idea... a DIY banner kit.


This beautiful ladder needed to come back with me for my shop
The number on the side was so cool!


I loved this ladder too... and the hanging funnel
planters were great! 

Note to self... keep an eye out for vintage funnels.


So the three day Country Living Fair was a hit!

It was buzzing with shoppers, vendors, 
artisan demos and special events
all around the fair.

Oh and by the way...

These painted bottles are now on my to-do list too.


Thanks Hometalk for the invite and I hope to see you next year!

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