How to Make Vintage Ruler Chalkboards

These cute little chalkboards are created with old rulers, 

Roller shade chalkboard DIY

an old vinyl roller shade, and DecoArt Americana Chalkboard Paint

I created a large chalkboard a while back and it's been hanging in my kitchen for years... I love it!

Roller shade chalkboard DIY

Roller shade chalkboard DIY

This time I'm making a couple of smaller chalkboards.
I started by cutting the window shade vinyl in 1 foot pieces
and painting them with DecoArt chalkboard paint.
I attached old rulers on the front and scrap wood on the back. The shade and a length of jute for the hanger are sandwiched between the wood.  

Wood glue and small tacks secured the painted shade between the layers of wood.

Roller shade chalkboard DIY

Roller shade chalkboard DIY

The DecoArt chalkboard paint goes on smoothly and covers in just 2 coats.  I love this paint and can't wait to use it again!


Besides their great vintage look, 
the best part of these chalkboards is that they can roll up 
and easily store away when you are not using them.

a try on your next chalkboard project!

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