Horse Lovers Wooden Tote

10:24:00 PM

I bought myself a new saw... and I love all the new
things I can do with it... like cutting metal for one!

horse lovers tote

While working on this wooden tote, I was happy 
find that I can now cut the sides of the tote without
using a hand held jigsaw. 

With the old saw I couldn't cut a straight line to save my life.

And check out the bottom of this tote... 
my saw cuts metal too! 

I easily cut a license plate to fit the bottom of the crate...

horse lovers tote

I love the industrial look of the metal on the bottom.

I added this great image from
to the front of the tote using a Modge Podge transfer method. 

Many of you have written to me telling me you have no luck with this method... Let me go over it again for you.

horse lovers tote

First using a chalk painted finish on this box, I painted Modge Podge onto the front of a laser printed image. The image was printed in reverse.  I layed the image face down onto the wood and let it dry... mine was drying for about 3 hours.

Transfer Method
If you look at the pictures above #1 shows the rubbing process. I wet my fingers and began rubbing off the paper... #2 shows
a slight film that is left after I let it sit for a few minutes after my initial rubbing... this time I am rubbing very lightly to get the rest of the paper off. #3 shows where I have damaged the image a little... this happens sometimes. #4 shows how I fixed the image with a thin Sharpie marker. 

And if there is a very light film still left, it will disappear
once you've either waxed or sealed the image.

horse lovers tote

As you can see I was able to fix the image with the Sharpie
and nobody would ever know... but now you do. 

horse lovers tote

I used a metal rod for the handle that slips through the tote sides
and is covered on the end with knobs that can be used as hooks.

Stay tuned for more fun with transfer methods
and power tools!

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  1. I love the tote but I'm even more interested in the saw. Could you give us a rundown of the brand and what it does and doesn't do so us "tool gals" can be better informed? I think one of the problems with women feeling confident with tools is we don't always know what does what and what type of tool we need for which job. Thank you so much and also for the transfer method. Can it be done with an inkjet printer or does it have to be a laser? Sorry for all the questions today. LOL!

    1. Hi Sam I am... The saw is a Rockwell Bladerunner... it is a great table saw that is easy to use and to set up. The blades change in a snap and it can cut around corners and metal! I love it and I highly recommend it!

      And as far as the inkjet goes... I've used inkjet but the laser comes out better and clearer!... I would go with laser.

  2. Love this tote! Scared to death about the saw though. I am not that daring yet! To the gal above, I have used the Modge Podge method using an inkjet image but I wasn't in love with the results. But it can be done!


    1. Jeanine the saw is easy to use and to set up. YOU CAN DO IT!

  3. I've had great luck with Mod Podge transfers, too. Now about that saw......please share!

    1. The saw is a Rockwell Bladerunner... it is a great table saw that is easy to use and to set up. The blades change in a snap and it can cut around corners and metal! I love it and I highly recommend it!


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