Antique Wire Spool Candle Holder

Sometimes a project comes from a very unexpected place. 

Vintage weight and spool candle holder

Like this one!

Old spool pieces

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When I removed the top and bottom from an old wire spool recently for a starfish project I was making, I got a fun surprise.  

In the center of the spool was a very cool antique label. When I researched the company, I found that it was over 100 years old. 

antique label from an old wire spool

I wanted to preserve this label by creating a project around this gorgeous label. 

At first I thought I could make a wooden base for it but after several failed attempts I had another idea. 

I decided to use an old weight I had laying around the workshop, the circle in the center is the perfect size. 

I painted it with a quick blast of metallic spray paint

vintage weight with metallic spray paint

 I secured the center of the spool into the hole in the weight with a little E6000 glue

antique label candle holder

I had to drill the hole in the spool center a bit larger to fit a candle and then painted it with a little of the silver spray paint. 

vintage bar bell weight candle holder

It's a very industrial piece and will look beautiful when the candle burns. 

DIY industrial candle holder from an antique spool and weight

I love preserving a little bit of history. I bet the guy that put that label on the spindle over 100 years ago never imagined it would be a candle holder someday!

Industrial repurposed candle holder

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