DIY Glitter Wing Angel Ornaments

       They were ready for the craft fair and packaged to go!

basket of glittered angel ornaments in packages

I've been busy for months making all kinds of ornaments and it's almost go time! 

Today I'm showing you how I made angel ornaments with glittered wings.  I searched my workshop for pieces I could use and here's what I came up with. 

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I had a whole bunch of wooden dowels from a math toy I disassembled recently, they just happened to have holes in them for the hangers!  

dowels with angel heads

I added heads to the dowels using mini wooden candle cups. 

I painted each cup with a skin color and added a grommet piece on top for a halo.

angel head with halo

I let the bodies dry in these little amber jars. (which I turned into little snowman ornaments when I was finished with the angels)

dowels with angel heads

box of dowels with angel heads

I drew the shape of an angel wing and traced it onto glittered card stock for the wings. 

Each angel got a little angel face using a fine point sharpie marker. 

A little wooden glittered star adorns each little angels chest

Glitter Wing Angel Ornament

The angels are all for sale packaged in cello bags to protect the wings.

Glitter Wing Christmas Angel Ornaments

Another version of these cute little angels was made the same way using vintage clothespins

white clothespins with bead heads

Glitter Wing angel ornaments

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