Repurposed Rustic Chalkboard Display


I'm repurposing an old frame today and creating a display for a few of my favorite things.

Repurposed Chalkboard Display.

I began with an old picture from the thrift store. 

This project is similar to the Large Framed Wreath Art I did recently. 

The backing of this frame easily popped out. 

DIY Repurposed Chalkboard Display.

I coated the backing with a couple coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black.

When the paint dried I returned the backing into the frame and nailed an antique nail into the board. 

DIY Repurposed Wreath Chalkboard Display.

If your board is thin you can secure the nail that pokes through the back with a screw nut and E6000 glue.

 DIY Repurposed Chalkboard Wreath Display.

I attached the board back into the frame using a point driver. This tool is one of my favorites and totally worth the investment! 

This framed chalkboard can be used to display a few of your favorite things. 

I'm having fun with editing effects on these photos but
you can have fun displaying anything you love just by hanging it from the nail!  

DIY Repurposed Chalkboard Display.

Vintage Repurposed Chalkboard Display.

Vintage Repurposed Chalkboard Display with pitcher.

Change it up to fit the season, hang a wreath decorated for the holidays! 

Vintage Repurposed Chalkboard Display with wreath

This is an easy project and can be used with 
any style decor because you can hang what you love. 

Repurposed Chalkboard Display with wreath

Repurposed DIY Chalkboard Display with wreath

Repurposed Chalkboard Display with DIY wreath

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