How to Make an Easy Spring Wreath

       This project began with inspiration from Target.

wire spring wreath with flowers

I just loved the simple heart shaped wreath they were showing. 

It is thin greens with offset large flowers!

I decided to make it the inspiration for my next project. 

I began with a wire circle that I cut off a wire wreath form,  you can use a wire hanger and bend it into the shape of a heart. 

wire heart

The next step was to get my hands on faux greens that could be wired onto the wire heart. 

See below for suggestions from my Amazon affiliates.

bunch of greens

The perfect faux greens were found at Hobby Lobby. 

I pulled off the smaller branches and used paddle wire to wrap branches all around the wire heart. 

greens wrapped around heart

I bought a bouquet of faux flowers from the craft store and wired each flower onto the wreath one at a time. 

flowers on heart wreath

A green plaid ribbon is tied on the top for hanging and that is all it took to create the look of the Target wreath 

wire green wrapped heart wreath

spring wreath and overlay


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  1. That's so pretty. A perfect way to welcome in Spring, it's so delicate and simple

    1. Thank you Michelle... I loved the one I saw and I made one just as good and almost free!

  2. Simple but cute. Where did you get the wire circle you used to make the heart shape? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Debra! The wire circle I used was from a wire wreath that had 3 circles, I cut one off with wire cutters. A wire hanger works just as well.... straighten it out and bend it so the ends end up at the top where the heart meets. If your hanger is too long use wire cutters to make it smaller or to cut off the hook part.

  3. Susan that is such a pretty wreath. I am really getting into the minimalist look with all these simple decorating ideas. Sometimes it is best to do less!

    1. Yes minimal would be great if I could only pull that off... I downsize every couple of months and don't seem to get anywhere. LOL

  4. What a lovely way to welcome spring! The heart shaped greenery makes it extra special and unique! Let's hope Spring gets here soon!


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