How to Make an Easy Spring Wreath

       This project began with inspiration from Target.

How to Make a n Easy Spring Wreath.

I just loved the simple heart shaped wreath they were showing. 

It is thin greens with offset large flowers!

I decided to make it the inspiration for my next project. 

I began with a wire circle that I cut off a wire wreath form,  you can use a wire hanger and bend it into the shape of a heart. 

How to Make an Easy DIY Spring Wreath.

The next step was to get my hands on faux greens that could be wired onto the wire heart. 

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How to Make an Easy DIY Coat Hanger Spring Wreath.

The perfect faux greens were found at Hobby Lobby. 

I pulled off the smaller branches and used paddle wire to wrap branches all around the wire heart. 

How to Make an Easy Coat Hanger Spring Wreath.

I bought a bouquet of faux flowers from the craft store and wired each flower onto the wreath one at a time. 

How to Make a Coat Hanger Spring Wreath.

A green plaid ribbon is tied on the top for hanging and that is all it took to create the look of the Target wreath 
for my own home. 

How to Make a Coat Hanger DIY Spring Wreath.

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