How to Give New Life to a Worn Kitchen Mat

       Kitchen mats are not very costly but heck,
I just bought this one!

Giving New Life to a Worn Kitchen Mat.

This mat was a disappointment, I had it in my kitchen for about a month before I tossed it into the basement because it looked so bad. 

The very thin top layer of the mat had worn away in no time revealing the grey rubber underneath. 

Giving New Life to a Worn Kitchen Mat.

Just having this mat in front of the sink for a month made it worn on the edges.

It was in the basement until I decided to try and give it a makeover... nothing to lose right? 

Maybe this mat could be saved after all.

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I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black, to roll out a thin coat onto the mat. 

Use paint to give New Life to a Worn Kitchen Mat.

Other than making the mat darker and newer looking, one coat didn't do much for the worn edge.

Use paint to give New Life to update the Kitchen Mat.

It wasn't until I was on the third coat that the worn edge began to look new again. 

Use black paint to give New Life to update the Kitchen Mat.

I sealed the final coat of paint with Fusion Mineral Paint Tough Coat, giving special attention and a few extra coats to the worn edge of the mat. 

DIY makeover for the kitchen mat.

I used a fan to dry the mat between coats and the final sealer. 

I'm a little impatient that way.

Paint makeover for the kitchen mat.

Now I'm putting the kitchen mat back in front of my sink for hopefully longer than it was there before.

DIY Paint makeover for the kitchen mat.

It looks brand new with little effort!

This project used just a tiny amount of paint and sealer.  

They are great to have around for any number of DIY projects and makeovers. 

What could you update next?

Farmhouse style Paint makeover for the kitchen mat.

Maybe this time with a few coats of paint and sealer, 
it will last a little longer! 

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