DIY Framed Olive Bucket Planter

    Old frames have so many uses and I always pick
them up at thrift stores and garage sales. 

DIY Framed Olive Bucket Planter.

This idea began with an old frame and a small olive bucket leftover from a holiday candle. 

I began by painting the frame white. 

Framed Olive Bucket Planter.

For this project I used Fusion Mineral Paint in both Raw Silk and Metallic Rose Gold.

I also gave the wooden backing to this frame a coat of white paint. 

It was original to the frame and made from an old piece of plywood. 

When the white paint dried I dry brushed the frame with the metallic rose gold to give it a little dimension.

I honestly wasn't sure where I was going with this project but it seemed to take on a mind of it's own as I progressed. 

Stenciled Framed Olive Bucket Planter.

I used the large Bingo stencil from Old Sign Stencils to stencil just the numbers in the center using Rose Gold. Please note that all prices for the stencils are in Canadian. 

I taped off the part of the stencil I wanted to use. 

I wasn't going for the Bingo design, just the graphics of the numbers. 

DIY Stenciled Framed Olive Bucket Planter.

When I finished with the Rose Gold I liked the faded look of the pink but it was a little too light so I stained the backing and the frame with a gel stain.

DIY Thrifted Frame Olive Bucket Planter.

I brushed on a little of the stain then wiped it off with a rag to give it an antiqued look. 

I re-attached the backing board using a point driver. If you do not have one you need one! 

Thrifted Frame Olive Bucket Planter.

This little gadget works like a staple gun but shoots  framing points into the frame to hold in the backing board. 

Now I had the perfect aged look I was going for. 

I used a plumber's clamp to attach the olive bucket to the numbered board with just one screw. 

Thrifted Frame Small Olive Bucket Planter.

You could also age the shiny metal of the bucket using any one of the techniques I used in this post, I chose to leave the metal shiny for this project. 

DIY Thrifted Frame Small Olive Bucket Planter.

I am loving this look! 

The Rose Gold and gel stain were the perfect combination! 

I added a faux plant from IKEA to my olive bucket but you could add anything! 

DIY Thrifted Frame Olive Bucket Planter.

Thrifted Frame Olive Bucket Planter.

Drop in a glass and fill it with water for fresh flowers or 
add a bouquet of faux flowers. 

Antiqued Thrift Store Frame Olive Bucket Planter.

And how cool would this frame look in multiples 
on a gallery wall? 

gallery wall of diy olive bucket planters in frames.

with so many other beautiful stencils can be found 
clicking the image below. 

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