DIY St. Patrick's Day Green Plaid Rag Wreath

       Repurposing clothes from the thrift store 
is both thrifty and popular these days. 

DIY Green Plaid Rag Wreath.

But I skipped the thrift store all together for this project.

Truth is I've been eyeing this green and blue plaid pair of pajama pants that belonged to my husband. 

Every time I did the laundry I thought about how pretty this plaid was and how perfect it would be for a St. Patrick's Day project. 

When they finally sprung a hole in the seat it was my lucky day🍀

I began by making little cuts every inch or so across the legs of the pajama pants then tore the fabric across the grain to make strips.

Green Plaid Rag Wreath.

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St. Patrick's Day Green Plaid Rag Wreath.

I cut a wire wreath form apart and used only the inside 2 rings for this wreath. 

You can read about what I did with the extra outer ring in this post... Easy Spring Wreath.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Green Plaid Rag Wreath.

I cut the strips into pieces about 5" long then tied them to the metal rings. 

St. Patrick's Day Green Plaid Rag Wreath.

The strips are tied to both the inner and outer rings all the way around the wreath. 

St. Patrick's Day Plaid Rag Wreath.

I pinned a felt shamrock to each side of the wreath.

As luck would have it these pajama pants also had a draw string that I used to hang the wreath. 

DIY St. Patrick's Day Plaid Rag Wreath.

My husband wondered how I had so much motivation to make a wreath when all he really wanted was for me to sew the hole in his pants. 

But I swear this pair of pajama pants looks so much better as a wreath! 

DIY St. Patrick's Day Plaid Wreath.

St. Patrick's Day Plaid Wreath.

And it didn't even require a trip to the thrift store. 

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  1. Great use of fabric. I did one like this with swim ribbons.

    1. Thanks so much I bet the ribbons were beautiful!

  2. Susan,
    I just love this project; thanks so much for the tutorial! Who doesn't have old flannel pj's lying around? If not in green, Goodwill will have some I'm sure. I love how you even found a use for the drawstring! I can't wait to get started on this project for St. Pat's but I also see how the project could be easily adapted for other holidays, like Christmas. Thanks for sharing! A new follower, Cheryl

    1. Thank you so much for following Cheryl! This wreath can definitely be adapted for many holidays and it's pretty easy to do ! Thank you so much for visiting!


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