DIY Candle Holder Pedestal Dish

       Finding DIY Inspiration in the clearance aisle.

DIY Candle Holder Pedestal Dish.

I always check the clearance aisle's and end caps when I'm out shopping. 

Truthfully, the thrift stores have gotten so expensive I sometimes find a better bargain in the clearance department of my favorite stores. 

Just yesterday my local thrift store wanted $9.99 for a beat up wooden Lazy Susan... seriously?

Every once in a while I find a real bargain and inspiration hits me with something brand new. 

Check the clearance aisle for the best bargains!

Today I found this ceramic candle holder, it looks hand made and only cost $4.48.

I didn't need a candle holder so I stopped to think about what else it could be and it hit me. 

Flip it over...

Make the bottom the top. 

I took off the felt feet and the label and attached the candle holder to another inexpensive enamel pie plate I had with E6000 glue. 

Enamelware pedestal dish made with a candle holder.

How cute! 

No painting required... just a little glue! 

This is the perfect easy project for those just testing their DIY wings. 

DIY Enamelware pedestal dish made with a candle holder.

Pedestal dish made with a candle holder.

It makes the perfect pedestal dish and the base is so solid you don't need to be worried about it tipping. 

You can even add a cloche top. 

DIY Pedestal dish made with a candle holder.

How pretty is this little pedestal dish 

and the price was right!

Want to know how to make that Mantel Ladder

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DIY Pedestal dish and DIY mantel ladder.

Always check the clearance! 

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