Painting a Farmhouse Style Coffee Table

The best part about painted furniture is that you can always paint it again! 
Painting a large coffee table with Fusion Mineral Paint

This coffee table started out a couple of years ago found on a Facebook Market site for about $25. I brought it home, took it apart and painted it. 

Painting a large coffee table with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk

You can read all about the first paint job by visiting this bold link. The color I used in Fusion Mineral Paint was Algonquin. 

With a house full of children, grandchildren, and a lot of feet up on the table; the table got beat up. Add to that the fact that I spilled nail polish remover on the table, I desperately needed to repaint it. Now you're probably thinking 2 years was not long enough for a paint job to last. You are probably right. I love Fusion Mineral Paint but in this case I made a mistake, I should have put a heavy sealer on this table. Leaving out this one important step left this painted table vulnerable. For the amount of abuse it took in the center of my busy living room, the Tough Coat was a must.

So being a little smarter this time I proceeded to repaint the coffee table. This time I'm using Raw Silk which is a lighter color than the Algonquin and this time I am giving the table 2 coats of Tough Coat Sealer!

How to paint a large coffee table with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk

As you can see my supervisor was at work while I painted the table behind the fence so he couldn't actually help. 

I let the table dry between coats and before I put on the sealer. This time I let the table sit for a week before I moved it back into the living room. 

How to paint a large coffee table with Fusion Mineral Paint

I'm looking forward to many more good years with this $25 purchase and the new color looks beautiful in my neutral living room. Visit the bold link to read more about this living room.  

How to paint a large farmhouse style coffee table
Decorating a neutral farmhouse living room

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  1. that is a seriously awesome coffee table

    1. Thank you! I got it from a FB group for like $25 it's perfect!

  2. That is totally awesome, Susan! I love it...and I am doing a vanity very similar to that. I hope it turns out half as well..xo

  3. What a great coffee table! Looks so much better painted white. Thanks for sharing it at the Talk Of The Town party, Susan! Pinned :)


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