A DIY Advent Calendar Idea

Getting ready for Christmas always makes me want to create an advent calendar so we can count down to the special day. This year I'm repurposing an old project to create the perfect advent calendar for the Christmas season. 

A few years ago I made a wooden Christmas tree, wrapped it with lights and called it a day. I hung ornaments on the little tree and it looked pretty lit up at night. You can read all about it by visiting the bold link. 

When the season was over it got packed away and dragged out the next year to be used as a display for my craft fair. I spray painted the tree white and hung my DIY ornaments on each hook and they looked beautiful. 

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This year I had a new plan however the tree didn't have enough limbs for what I had in mind. This was a pretty easy fix because I had a piece of wood in my workshop just about the same size as the other branches. I cut it to the size I needed using a simple miter box and added more screws for hooks. The limb I added was slightly thicker but it won't matter and I'm not one to run to the hardware store just to find one that is perfect. 

All I needed to do was to paint the tree white again. I'm using a small spray shelter in the garage to keep the overspray from getting everywhere. Once it dried, my tree was ready for the next step.

Over the summer I found a packaged advent kit at the thrift store. It had never been opened and it was cheap so I bought it and put it away until now. You can find products I recommend for this project by visiting the blue links or by checking out the listings at the bottom of this post. 

The muslin numbered bags were going to be perfect for what I wanted to make. They were pretty wrinkled when I opened the package so I ironed each little bag. 
All I really needed to do for this project was to wrap the bags around the limb and hook the end on the screws. 

The bags were numbered from 1-24 but I wanted a special one for Christmas day so I found an organza bag that was the right size and filled it with a tiny white bottle brush tree. That one is the special bag. Every other bag can be filled with small trinkets or coins depending on the age of your children. 

This was such an easy project for me because I already had most of the parts but he tree is not a difficult project and only involves a few small cuts of 1x1" trim molding. The muslin bag kits are available at craft stores or online. 

I can't wait to share this with my grandchildren this year! 

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