Recycled Jar Snow Globe Ornaments

I save a lot of jars, bottles, and thrift store salt shakers throughout the year just so I can make these amazingly easy and adorable Christmas snow globe ornaments.

glass jar salt shaker ornaments

Some are made with recycled jars my favorite being the Trader Joes Everything But a Bagel jar. 

Salt shakers are another favorite and I hit the mother load one day at the thrift store when I found 8 of them all the same. 

To make this project you will need the following supplies, click on the green links to find the supplies I recommend:

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Supplies needed to Make Recycled Jar Snow Globe Ornaments

I began by washing out the jars and letting them dry. I put a drop of hot glue on the bottom of the bottle brush tree base then using a tweezer carefully dropped it into the bottle. 

At this time you can add tiny figures if you desire. For some of these ornaments I used tiny letters I found in a bag at the thrift store. I used a tiny bit of E6000 to glue them onto the jar.


Lettered DIY snow globe ornaments

The next step is to fill the jar with epsom salt, just enough to cover the base of the tree. 

This is my tiniest jar, I used just the cut-off top of a bottle brush tree in the jar. 

tiny jar with cork lid filled with snow

Recycled jar snow globe ornaments with overlay

You can truly get carried away making these, they only take minutes. 

If you love these and you want to see more, please visit my friend Carlene at Organized Clutter and see the salt shaker ornaments she made! 

Recycled jar snow globe ornaments

I drilled a hole in the lids and for the salt shaker, I went in through the center hole in the top with a wire and made a loop. 

I tied a small bow through the loop and hung an ornament hook.

salt shaker ornaments

Each ornament takes about 5 minutes to make.

  Recycled salt shaker ornaments for Christmas

They make a great gift or craft fair best seller. 

Snow Globe ornaments for craft fairs          

salt shaker ornament and overlay


Snow Globe ornaments


Circle frame of DIY Snow Globe ornaments 

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