Repurposed Pedestal Tea Light Candle Ideas

I've saved these light covers for a long time. They came on an outdoor set of string lights. When the lights burned out I kept the shades and they've come in pretty handy!
DIY Pedestal Tea Light Candles

A while back I made a centerpiece with grain sack and tea lights using these shades. You can read all about that project by following the bold blue link. 
Today I'm using a few more shades from my stash of metal bits and pieces and marrying them with a few other scraps from my workshop to create pedestal tea light candles that will look beautiful at Christmas time. 
Repurposed Pedestal Tea Light Candle Ideas

I attached the shades with hot glue to a very chippy piece of spindle wood for this one and tied on a red gingham bow
The next one used the metal piece of a repurposed lamp with a bow and a sprig of glass beads.
DIY Repurposed Pedestal Tea Light Candle Ideas

The third light in this set was made on top of a vintage wooden wire spool with a bow and a gem attached.
How to Make Pedestal Tea Light Candles from Junk

Together they make a cute little set of tea lights that were free and saved from the trash. 
How to Make Pedestal Tea Light Candles from Found Parts

Lit with tea light candles they have a warm beautiful glow. 
Pedestal Tea Light Candles from Found Parts

It's easy to create unique tea lights using bits and pieces from old projects. It goes to show that we can reuse old pieces, save money and keep the junk out of the land fills.
DIY Repurposed Pedestal Tea Light Candles

Make Junky Tea Light Candles from Repurposed Parts

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