Hand-Made Metal Snowflakes from a Light Fixture

Here are two projects that just made me happy. Repurposed from another old light fixture. While I'm not a big fan of snow, I do love the beauty of snowflakes. 
Lamp parts into DIY Repurposed Winter Snowflake

This project began with an old light fixture. 

If you've been following along, you know I've already made several projects using the globes from this fixture. The first one was a repurposed tea light pumpkin and the second, one of my favorite projects of all times is the repurposed light-up snowman. Another fun project from this light fixture was the Metal Garden Bee for a summer planter. 
Repurposed Lamp into DIY Winter Snowflake

Today, I'm using the metal frames that went around the outside of the globes. At first I thought I was going to paint the frames gold but on second thought I flattened them. They are made from a soft metal material and while I was very careful, I pressed the center of the metal on a slippery surface and the magic happened. 
Repurposed Lamp into Hand-made Winter Snowflake

Once the metal was flattened I thought it looked a lot like a star or a snowflake.
Repurposed Lamp into Hand-made Painted Snowflake

I painted the star using a white chalky paint then when the paint dried I coated the front of the star with Mod Podge then immediately sprinkled the wet Mod Podge with Epsom Salt. I've included the links in this post to the products I use, you can access the products by visiting the bold affiliate links
Repurposed Lamp into Hand-made Metal Snowflake

I let the star hang dry and now we can call it a snowflake! 
Repurposed Lamp into Hand-made Metal Snowflake for a Wreath

I used a length of fishing line to hang the star which will look beautiful when all the Christmas decorations are out. I made 2 of them so they can hang together. ❄️
Metal snowflake made from an upcycled light.

For now I'm hanging it on my favorite DIY plantation shutter wreath hanger in the center of this pretty wreath. 
Repurposed Snowflake from a metal light fixture.

I had one more snowflake and this time I'm displaying it on another piece of an old light fixture. I attached a wooden chop stick to the base with construction adhesive because I needed something strong. 

There was a lucky hole in the top of the fixture that was the perfect place to rest one leg of the starfish.
Hand-Made Metal Snowflakes from a Light Fixture

Behind the starfish a metal piece held the chopstick to the back of the star with E6000 glue.
Hand-made snowflake on a stand for the holidays

I clamped the snowflake and let it dry. 

As with the last snowflake I painted the star with Mod Podge then sprinkled Epsom salt for the snow.
Hand-made snowflake with bling on a stand for the holidays

 I added a little chandelier bling to finish it off and this snowflake looks beautiful on a stand. 
Repurposed metal snowflake on a stand

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