Aged Wood Pallet Christmas Tree Made with Junk

This cute little quick project was copied straight from the pages of Organized Clutter. My friend Carlene is a DIY genius. I love her work! I'm copying her junky tree idea but my project will be created on a tiny Weatherwashed pallet.
Pallet Christmas Tree Made with Junk
I started out with small pieces of wood that were not stained or painted. I dipped each piece into a bucket of Weatherwash, it's a beautiful way to age wood and it comes in several colors, it's like barn wood in a bottle. 
Today, I am using the color Oaked. I waited overnight for the wood to dry then built a small pallet by laying the wood pieces side by side then wood gluing a couple of cross pieces to the back to secure all the wood together.
DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Made with Junk
I gathered all kinds of junk from my workshop and laid them out in the shape of a Christmas tree. I used knobs, hardware, a belt buckle, the bling from a necklace, and a two sided hook. Quite an interesting assortment of junk.  How to age wood for a DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Made with Junk
I arranged and rearranged the pieces several times until I found what I liked best.
How to give wood an aged look for a DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Made with Junk
The choice is yours now, leave the wood as is with this beautiful patina or dry brush the wood with white paint like I did before I glued on the pieces. I like the way the white looks with the aged wood color coming through. I glued on all the junky pieces with E6000 glue including a few metal keys and extra rhinestone bling then let it dry overnight.  Aged and white washed pallet wood with a junky Christmas Tree
It came out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! Now I just need to find a place to hang it for the holidays. 
Aged Wood Pallet Christmas Tree Made with Junk

I had great success in the past using Weatherwash on this rustic wooden beach tray I made. 

Please stop on over to Organized Clutter to see the beautiful junky tree she made! Don't forget to visit the Weatherwash website to see all the amazing stain color choices. 
DIY Aged Wood Pallet Christmas Tree Made with Junk

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Disclaimer: Weather Wash provided me with the stain, all opinions are my own. 

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