DIY Mini Desktop Trash Can

This weekend I created a little home office for myself. It's nothing much, a folding table and a large monitor are going to make my life much easier. 
DIY Mini Desktop Trash Can

Usually, I blog using a small laptop at the kitchen island somewhere between the dog and the cat. I decided it was time that I took a little spot for myself so I can get down to work without a literal cat fight going on around me. As I worked on my little space, one thing I noticed was that I really needed a small trash can. All day wadded up balls of paper ended up on the floor under the desk. 

I headed out to the thrift store today in hopes of finding inspiration for new Homeroad projects and I found a few good ideas I can't wait to share. Another thing I found was this cute little mini kids storage piece. I'm not sure what it was used for, or even what to call it, but it kind of looks like a hamper only smaller. I really liked it for the wooden folding frame. 
Repurposed thrift store storage becomes a desktop trash can

It was a very pretty green but the little girl playing the flute... not so much. I thought however, it would make a great mini trash can for my office. It just needed some kind of make-over. 
I reached for my go-to fabric which was once a buffalo check tablecloth and is now the fabric I use for many of my DIY projects. Who needs a tablecloth anyway? 
DIY mini desktop trash can makeover

I wanted this to be a quickie project and I had no intention of dragging out my sewing machine. I wanted to cover the frame and the green vinyl with buffalo fabric. Instead of sewing I used a fusible iron-on bonding called Stitch Witchery to create my seams. I measured the frame to determine the size of the fabric and I created seams with the Stitch Witchery. 
DIY mini desktop trash can makeover using Stitch Witchery

I folded the seams and ironed them closed with no steam. On each end of the fabric I created a hem then used the Stitch Witchery to iron the fabric around the wooden frame. This time I used steam to heat up the fabric and use my hands to help the fabric adhere around the wood. I'm covering the existing fabric because I think the green inside the trash can will keep the buffalo check cleaner. 
DIY mini desktop buffalo check trash can makeover using Stitch Witchery

I quickly and easily created a mini desktop trash can that was just what I needed for my new little home office. 
DIY mini desktop buffalo check trash can makeover

I love the way the buffalo check looks with the green and this green vinyl fabric will be great as a washable lining for the trash can. 
Mini desktop buffalo check trash can makeover

Mini desktop buffalo check office trash can makeover

It couldn't have been an easier project and it's really the perfect size to hide behind my monitor for bits of scraps from my desk. 
DIY Mini desktop buffalo check office trash can makeover

The best part is that the trash can folds up so it can be put away with my folding desk if I need the space in my den back.The basket hanging from the window above the monitor is another DIY project. First I dip painted the basket then turned it into a hanging basket for the Fall. You can visit the project by clicking on the bold link. 
DIY Mini desktop buffalo check home office trash can makeover
DIY home office with folding table
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