How to Make a Farmhouse Style Lazy Susan

Everyone loves a good Lazy Susan.  You're going to love this group of DIY Lazy Susan tutorials I've gathered for you today. 
How to Make a Farmhouse Style Lazy Susan
My name is Susan and I try not to take it personally but I have a "thing" for these trays. I've up-cycled each one of these projects from trash to treasure. Please visit the tutorial for each of these fun projects by clicking on the bold link above each photo. 

Farmhouse Lazy Susan.
How to Make a DIY Farmhouse Style Lazy Susan

Christmas Lazy Susan.
Fun DIY Lazy Susans you can make at home

Extra Large Farmhouse Lazy Susan.
Farmhouse Lazy Susans you can create at home

Milk and Cream DIY Lazy Susan.
DIY Lazy Susan Round-up with tutorials

DIY Craft Organizer (using a Lazy Susan).
Lazy Susan Round-up DIY with tutorials

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Now you see how easy it is to make a Lazy Susan of your own. Some of these projects can be made by using this little piece and your favorite plate. Visit each post to see how the project was made. 
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