Five Ways to Make Lazy Susan

Everyone loves a good Lazy Susan.  You're going to love this group of DIY Lazy Susan tutorials I've gathered for you today. 
lazy susan collage

My name is Susan and I try not to take it personally but I have a "thing" for these trays. 

Please visit the tutorial for each of these fun projects by clicking on the bold link above each photo. 

Farmhouse Lazy Susan.

This one uses a great transfer method and a Lazy Susan gizmo can be added to the bottom of the tray.

This easy project uses a a new decoupage technique I just learned. 

What large farmhouse table couldn't use an extra large Lazy Susan in the center? 

This Lazy Susan uses one of my favorite stencils and was done on a wooden plate!

Ok, hands down winner in the Lazy Susan department... 

I use this craft turn-table every day! 

Lazy Susan Craft carousel

wooden plate with overlay

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Now you see how easy it is to make a Lazy Susan of your own. 

Some of these projects can be made by using this little piece and your favorite plate. 

Visit each post to see how the project was made. 

Lazy Susan part to make plate spin 

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