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I'm decorating my outdoor space for Spring and I ran across something to share because it's just that cute! It all just happens to go with my color scheme and of course... they are inexpensive! 

outdoor deck area in blue

First of all you may know that I work on projects for my outdoor space all the time

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My deck is our favorite place to be in the spring and summer, the whole family gathers there.

Every year I change things out just a little or make something new for the space like the large wooden coffee table I built that I just love. 

One year we added a gazebo that covers our outdoor table. 

That lead to anchoring it down without damaging the decking, and that lead to DIY gazebo curtains. 

Keeping the outdoor dining table in shape is an easy project too! 

The other day as I perused the aisles at Target for outdoor accessories, I ran across a platter with a gorgeous fish design. 

fish designed outdoor dishes

I love fish designs and the blue was perfect for my outdoor space. 

As one thing often leads to another, I purchased the platters then the fish shaped serving dishes. 

fish shaped serving dishes

While I was there I also grabbed a matching tea towel and round blue placemats, all $3 each!

If you know me, you already know I had other plans for that tea towel

Tea towel with fish design

I grabbed an outdoor bolster pillow I was no longer using, wrapped the towel around the pillow then sewed the edges closed. 

tea towel wrapped around bolster pillow

I used hot glue for fabric to close the front seam and now I even had a matching pillow for my deck! 

fish pillow in outdoor chair

As I worked on the outdoor decor and DIY projects for my deck,  I made another trip back to Target for more outdoor throw pillows.

While I was there... you guessed it... more fish plates! 

Have you read the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?".... that's how it went. 

This time they had matching salad plates and a bowl, the best part is they are only $3 each! 

fish pillow with matching dishes

Problem was that they only had 3 and I needed 8.

I grabbed the 3 plates quickly and got on my Target app right there in the store to see where I could get 5 more. 

I ordered the plates online and now I'm eagerly anticipating their arrival to complete my set of gorgeous outdoor fish dishes. 

Of course while I was on the app I ordered more throw pillows, these were a great bargain at only $10 each and come in several colors, and of course I ordered a few other odds and ends to round out my spending spree

lantern and chair with fish pillow

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outdoor deck space


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