Crafting with Shiny Sea Shells

I returned from a great week on vacation and brought back a bunch of pretty shells. As you all probably guessed, I just couldn't leave them alone. As pretty as they were, I needed to give them a little pizazz! 

shiny shells on a tray

A few years ago PB was selling shiny shells.

They were shiny silver and were sold in a little organza bag. 

I'm promised myself I would recreate this easy project for myself before the summer was over. 

I started with pretty shells from my collection, assorted vacation souvenirs and a few store bought shells thrown in.

You can even use ugly ones because they will be beautiful when you're finished. 

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I gave the shells one coat of metallic spray paint

I'm using a silvery chrome color paint but you can choose any of the many metallic spray paints available. 

sea shells spray painted silver

I was amazed at the transformation!

This works beautifully, especially if some of your shells are a little chippy and ugly.

The beach by me is on the sound and the shells are pretty but definitely look better with a little sparkle. 

large silver sea shell

They almost look like sterling silver. 

This is great idea if you like to make jewelry!

You could drill a hole in the shells and create beautiful necklaces and bracelets. 

You all know how expensive they are when you see them in a souvenir shop!

Sea shell painted silver on a rusty shoe mold

These shells also look beautiful on a rusty mantel.

rusty mantel and metallic shells

They make great bowl or jar fillers.

Mason Jar shiny sea shells

I even gave them out in little gift bags with tags to my teacher friends wishing them a "shiny summer" one year.

Add a few to an organza bag and recreate your own PB knock off for gifts! 

gift bag with shiny shells inside

This is a quick and easy project with beautiful results!

Do you love coastal DIY projects? 

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