Faux Mercury Glass Rag Garland

I'm officially naming myself the self proclaimed Queen of DIY garland. 

No, seriously, I love making garlands and especially Christmas garlands of all kinds. At the end of this post you can find a link to many of my DIY garlands. 

They are probably the easiest projects to make with the biggest bang!  Hang them on hooks, racks, trees... anywhere. 

Today I'm making a beautiful faux mercury glass rag garland for a grand total of one dollar! Take a look...

mercury glass rag garland on peg shelf

I knew just what kind of garland I wanted to make and was lucky enough to find the supplies I needed at the Dollar Tree. 

Last year I made an adorable snowflake garland and that one was a great dollar store deal too! 

snowflake garland on hooks

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I began with this pack of small silver Christmas ornaments from the Dollar Tree. You can find them in many places this time of year. 

package of mini silver balls

I pulled off the caps on each ball and set them aside. 

basket of caps and silver balls

I wanted to cut the shine on these little cuties so I sprayed them with a matte sealer. It gave the balls a dull finish. I use many different sealers, any will work fine. 

matte spray and sliver balls

Next, using a flat black spray paint I sprayed little shots of the paint over the top of the ornaments leaving a speckled look on most of them.

silver balls with black mist

While the ornaments were drying I tore a couple 1" lengths of a faded cotton fabric into strips. 

rag garland with caps

I strung the ornament tops onto the rag strips tying knots in the fabric every here and there as I went. 

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garland with overlay

When the balls were dry I snapped them back onto the caps on the garland. 

rag garland with silver balls

The garland came out just adorable!

garland on peg shelf


The garland looks amazing on a wreath, 

rag garland on wreath

or draped across an expanding wooden peg rack. 

wooden peg shelf with rag garland

Or just about anywhere! 

mercury glass garland around a pink binder

Tie the garland around a small decorative Christmas tree or make a very long one, tying smaller lengths together, around a large tree. 

wreath with rag garland faux mercury glass


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rag garland with silver balls




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