Make an Easy Pumpkin Shaped Pillow

Oh my gosh, you have got to see this fun Fall DIY pumpkin shaped pillow I made! 

I loved the look of those pumpkin shaped pillows that are in all the stores. 

They are pretty costly so I figured out how to make the cutest pumpkin shaped pillows myself! 

I could not be happier with this easy DIY! 

white fuzzy pumpkin shaped pillow

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This pillow idea began with my search for a fuzzy pumpkin shaped pillow for my new sofa. 

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I looked into a few different options, they were either not large enough or they were very expensive. 

As I sat drinking my cup of coffee this morning I looked over at the fuzzy pillow on the chair in my office and the light bulb went on! 

grey fuzzy pillow

I can make a pumpkin shaped pillow with this one!! And I have a white one too! 

white fuzzy pillow

Yes, I am a pillow hoarder, my basement is full of pillow and pillow cover options for every season.

This one is a very easy project and it takes minutes! 

I began by pushing in the corners of my fuzzy pillow to see if this was going to work... and it was. 

fuzzy grey pillow with corners pushed in

The pillows with stuffing work better for this than the pillows with a form but give it a try and see what you think! 

I grabbed the bolt of macrame twine I've used for a zillion projects so far and cut off about 12' of twine. 

bolt of macrame twine

Yes, 10-12' will be needed for a 20" pillow like this one. 

I found the center of the twine and wrapped it around the pillow. 

grey pillow with twine wrapped and knotted

I criss-crossed the twine in the back and wrapped it around in the other direction. 

I did this around the corners too making sure to tie it in the back when I criss-crossed the twine so it wouldn't slip. 

pillow with twine wrap

I pulled the twine pretty tight, this twine won't break!

After I made 6 sets of pumpkin "ribs" in my pillow I tied a knot at the top. You can move the twine ribs to make them evenly spaced. 

If you want the look of an heirloom pumpkin you can space the ribs in a random pattern which will make parts of the pumpkin larger than others. 

I left a little twine at the end to tie a stem of some kind to the top. 

grey fuzzy pumpkin pillow with stem

If you are making this pumpkin permanent you can use hot glue to attach your stem. 

The stem choices are up to you, look around your house and see what you have. I save my pumpkin stems each year for an occasion like this. 

pumpkin stem choices

If you happen to be pumpkin picking you can take the stems off the rotten pumpkins out in the field. (but don't tell anyone where you go that idea!) These big ones are amazing! 

pumpkin stems

They are also available for purchase on Amazon. 

The stem is tied tightly and will stay put for the season when I can untie the twine and have my fuzzy pillows back for the winter. 

grey pumpkin with stem

I couldn't be happier with this project. 

white and grey pumpkin shaped pillows

I got the pumpkin shaped pillow I wanted and it didn't cost me a cent! 

white fuzzy pumpkin pillow with stem


table with pumpkin pillow

And the best part is that I don't have to store them, I just remove the twine!

top view of white pumpkin pillow

The orange buffalo checked pillow was a pillow I made from 2 cloth napkins. I just glued around the edges with fabric glue and stuffed it with pillow stuffing

Pumpkin shaped pillow and orange checked pillow


white fuzzy pumpkin pillow

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fall pillows with overlay

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neutral sofa with pumpkin pillows



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