White Felted Wool Repurposed Pumpkins

If you've been following along for a while you know I love to make pumpkins that are repurposed from something else. 

I actually love repurposing everything but pumpkins are my favorite. 

Today, you're gonna laugh! 

I may have taken it too far this time but I love the way they turned out! 

Take a look and let me know what you think! 

Felted dryer ball pumpkin and a jack o lantern

Pumpkins in the fall are gorgeous, orange is my favorite color but white pumpkins have my heart. 

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Through the years I've made some pretty silly pumpkins! ...

Pumpkins that light up. 

Pumpkins that you once wore

Pumpkins you once read. 

and a whole bunch more! 


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Today I'm repurposing probably my funniest item into a pumpkin... dryer balls. 

This actually happened while I was right in the middle of doing the laundry... I thought "Hey! These would make great little pumpkins." And so they did! 


bag of dryer balls

I recently bought a package of wool felted dryer balls. Six come in a package.

I definitely love them to throw in the dryer but I also like the white felted look like in the beaded chain I made a while back. 

I began by making a hole in the top of the dryer ball. I used a drill but you can also carefully use a pointy scissor, it isn't hard to do. 

felted ball and drill

I used a long upholstery needle and white thread for the next part but I would recommend a longer upholstery needle and some heavy duty thread so it won't break. 

dryer ball with a hole

I threaded my doubled thread through the hole in the top of the dryer ball to the center bottom of the ball. 

sewing ribs with white thread

I had to squeeze the ball a little to find the needle point at the bottom. 

sewing kit and dryer ball

I went back and forth pulling the thread tight so it would create ribs in my dryer ball pumpkin. 

stem berries and felted pumpkin

Next, I used a stick from my yard and a little moss and berries I had in my workshop to hot glue to the top of the pumpkin.

felted pumpkin with berries and a stem


That's it! 

felted pumpkin and basket of pumpkins

The cute little jack-o-lantern bowl fillers are another project I made. 

jackolantern bowl fillers in bowl

Please pin--->> 

felted white pumpkin and overlay

You can add anything to the top to make several and make them all different. 

felt pumpkin and jack o lantern

I can see a whole bread bowl full of these little cuties, they are so easy to make and pretty inexpensive too!  I'd make more but I need them for my laundry! 😆 And speaking of laundry I better get back to it! 

felted pumpkin with stem and berries


felted pumpkin and basket of bowl fillers

I hope you like my cute little pumpkins and please sign up for the Homeroad emails in the pop up so my next DIY tutorial will go out straight to you! 

dryer balls and pumpkin



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