Rustic Primitive Village Houses

If you've seen the online Farmhouse sight that sells beautiful home accessories and decorations, you'll recognize these houses.

They are the cutest little primitive rustic Christmas village. 

The minute I opened the email and saw them I knew I could make a dupe myself with reclaimed wood and save the $49.00 each!

If you have a saw, and a 2x4" piece of wood you can create these adorable houses in no time. 

white rustic village houses

I began with a 2"x 4" piece of pressure treated wood from my shed. 

2x4 piece of wood

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It was leftover from the outdoor coffee table and the potting bench I made last summer. 

You don't need to use pressure treated, it is just what I had on hand. Pine is probably easier to cut. 

I cut the wood into a 4" square then two 6" rectangular pieces.  I drew my idea for the roofs with pencil. 

wooden blocks for village

The next step is tricky but if you have skills with the circular saw, (or know someone that does) it will be done in no time. 

You will need to give both of the 6" pieces a triangle roof. 

On the smaller 4" piece I cut one side of the roof shorter than the other to create an off center roof. 

wooden blocks with pitched roofs

For the chimneys, I cut a Jenga block on an angle and wood glued them to the roof of 2 of the buildings.

jenga block cut for chimney

I gave all the pieces a quick sanding with the electric sander to make them smooth. 

sanding wood blocks

wooden block houses

Next, I painted the houses white with Fusion Mineral paint in Casement. 

painting village houses white

white wooden blocks

I painted the roofs black using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black. 

I painted the doors and the cross on the church with the black as well. 

painted black roof

I used wood glue and a clamp to attach the smallest house to one of the larger houses to create a church. 

clamped houses

The second larger house stands alone. 

rustic village house

For the tiny square windows I cut a pencil eraser with a razor blade to make a square and stamped it where I wanted the windows. 

pencil eraser with square stamper cut into it

When everything was dry I once again sanded the houses with the electric sander. 

Lastly, I used an antiquing glaze to give the houses a rustic antiqued look. 

rustic primitive church

I think they look just like the houses in the email and they didn't cost me a cent. 

wooden houses and a Christmas tree

They will look adorable on a Christmas display. You could even paint a tiny wreath on one of the houses or use fairy lights to light the display! 

primitive houses

I hope you like my rustic village houses and will give them a try! Sure beats paying $49.00! 

rustic village with a tree

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rustic christmas village with overlay pin

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christmas village houses

Fusion Mineral Paint provided me with the paint, all opinions are my own. 



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