Mini Terra Cotta Pumpkins

If you haven't seen the do it yourself terra cotta pumpkin craze you're going to want to try it. 

It's the easiest project with great looking results and you probably have all the ingredients you need at home right now. 

Take a look at mine...

row of terra cotta pumpkins and a crate

Not too long ago I posted a recipe for a textured paint that I painted on glass to make it look like pottery. Actually, I've done a lot of textured paint projects. 

This project is similar only we are going to paint on a pumpkin... lots of pumpkins! 

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I found this bag of little pumpkins at Michaels yesterday and knew I wanted to do something with them. 

bag of white pumpkins

The little pumpkins look like plaster but they aren't that fragile, some kind of white resin. 

I dumped out the bag and originally thought about spray painting them orange but then remembered the terra cotta pumpkins that I found on Pinterest

I made a mixture of orange and a grey-white paint to create the color I wanted then added baking soda to the paint. I've linked a few terra cotta orange paints below. 

I mixed in the baking soda until I got a pretty thick consistency. 

paint with baking soda

I painted the little pumpkins with the orange baking soda paint and let them dry. 

terra cotta colored mini pumpkins

At first I thought that painting the stems green before I painted the pumpkins was a good idea but it was not. 👎 I got the baking soda paint all over the stems and had to touch them up at the end. 😑

When the first coat dried I went back in and dabbed on a second coat. By this time the mixture was even thicker and created a great texture on the pumpkins. 

painted terra cotta mini pumpkins

Next, I repainted the green stems and let that dry. 

Finally, I dusted the mini pumpkins with flour. Yep, regular baking flour. 

See, I told you that most of the supplies you probably already have at home. 

flour on a pumpkin

I used a dry chip brush to dust off the flour and it settled into the texture nicely. 

paintbrush and floured pumpkins

That is all it took to create a terra cotta look on these cute little mini pumpkins. 

flour dusted pumpkins

I gave the pumpkins one final brush with the dry brush and they were ready to decorate my home. 

Circle them around a mum (that needs a little water I just realized).

Mum with circle of mini pumpkins

Decorate along the crate I made to use in my kitchen, it is a great place for decorations! 

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terra cotta pumpkins with overlay


row of terra cotta pumpkins and a crate

There are so many places you can use these little cuties for fall but they ended up on my mantel with the backpack basket I made recently. 

Mantel with pumpkins a basket and fall foliage

fall mantel with foliage and pumpkins

I added some tiny fairy lights surrounding the row of pumpkins and they look amazing at night! 

a mantel with a basket and a row of pumpkins with fairy lights

Those cute napkin wrapped pumpkins was another DIY project and you can find it by following the blue link. 

mantel with basket, pumpkins and fairy lights

The strand of wooden beads came from Amazon and was a great price, cheaper than making it yourself! 

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you give this textured paint treatment a go!


mantel with basket and fall foliage

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row of mini pumpkins on the mantel



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