Repurposed Basket Pumpkin

I found the cutest metal basket set at the thrift store recently, they were rose gold looking baskets I thought were beautiful! 

Problem was that I used the basket to pick tomatoes from my garden this summer and the acid from the tomatoes ruined the basket. 

It ended up with spots where the acid removed the color. 

The only thing left to do with this pretty basket now was to repurpose it... 

top view of repurposed basket pumpkin

Here is where this project began...

It is a little hard to see from this photo but the color was ruined in several places. 

rose gold metal basket

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I grabbed a can of orange spray paint and gave it a couple of good coats. 

orange painted basket and pumpkin stem

I usually save the pumpkin stems from my pumpkins each year. 

A reader told me recently that she gets the stems out in the fields when pumpkin picking so this weekend that is just what I did! 

pumpkin stems

Aren't those pumpkin stems beautiful? And they last just as they are forever! 

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I used hot glue to attach crinkled brown paper to the top to look like moss. You can also use Spanish moss

metal basket with crinkled paper moss

Next, I used hot glue to attach the pumpkin stem. 

metal pumpkin with crinkled paper and stem

Now all I needed to add were some pretty fall leaves and berries. 

These leaves are real glycerine preserved leaves. Here is how that is done.  

I just ironed them flat and hot glued them to the pumpkin. 

glycerine leaves on top of pumpkin

The basket looked like a pumpkin to me to begin with since it had those "ribs" all the way around and now it is perfect! 

ribbed pumpkin with jackolantern

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basket pumpkin and overlay

Look around your house and see what you have that can be turned into a pumpkin! 


The repurposed pumpkins below were made with dollar store supplies and I was inspired to make a couple from Laurel at Chipping with Charm. 

metal pumpkin and repurposed set of glass pumpkins

I love to find great inspiration and put my own spin on the projects. 

circle top view of repurposed pumpkin

This cutie fit perfectly in a cake stand I bought from Pottery Barn several years ago and makes a great cloche!! 

pumpkin basket in a pedestal dish


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pumpkin basket on shelf with pegs


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