Repurposed Garden Tote

Anything I can gather to fill with plants on the deck is good with me! 

I've used galvanized pots, watering cans, and oil cans for flowers and they look beautiful. 

Today I'm building a tote that can hold flowers or garden tools! 

Take a look at what unique items I put together for this easy project! 

wooden tote with flowers

I began collecting things from my house that I could use to make a wooden tote with a handle. 

wooden miter box

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I found a wooden miter box, some scraps of wood, 2 small chalkboards, 2 wooden spatulas, and a table leg. 

What?? I kid you not, it's going to make an adorable tote! 

spatula on the side of wooden miter box

So first I nailed a small chalkboard to each end of the wooden miter box to close the ends. 

I could have cut scrap wood for this but the chalkboard fit perfectly!

Next, I used wood glue and a nail gun to attach the wooden spatulas from the Dollar Tree to the sides of the miter box. 

wooden spatulas with chalkboards and chair leg handle

I found a wooden table leg that I cut to size, using the screw on one end, I fit it through the hole in the spatula and added a wing nut. 

On the other end of the handle I used a washer and a screw to secure the handle. 

garden tote with table leg handle

I trimmed the top of the miter box with a couple pieces of scrap wood. 

wooden tote with chair leg handle

Now it was time to paint it! 

garden tote painted black

I'm using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black because it holds up very well outdoors. 

You will love this paint and use it for everything like I did on these DIY projects! 

When the paint dried I used one of my favorite garden stencils from Old Sign Stencils, Fresh Cut Flowers

flower stencil from Old Sign Stencils

Lastly, I distressed the tote with sandpaper. 

pin button
garden tote pin with overlay

Line the base with plastic and this adorable garden tote can hold plants. 

flowers in a stenciled tote


Another idea is to use it to hold garden tools. 

garden tote with garden tools


flower pots and garden tote with flowers

I love how easy it is to turn nothing into something with a few nails and wood glue! 

garden tote, flowers and solar lights

If you love solar lights you'll love these easy DIY lights for the patio! 


garden box with flowers

Cleans out my stash too! 

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garden tote and solar lights

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