A Garden Bench and a String Holder

 It is almost time again! Ready get set... garden! 

Yes, in the northeast US it is finally time to think about planting... yes "think" about it.

Along with "thinking about" gardening and planting comes a whole lot of Spring clean up and prepping. 

Take a look...

outdoor fire pit area and potting bench

Today it hit 60 degrees and was sunny so I was outdoors in my yard all day. I don't have a big yard, it is a simple fenced in yard that backs another fenced in yard and so on and so on. 

A few years ago I made a beautiful wooden potting bench. It was really not hard to do if you have a saw and a bunch of pressure treated lumber. 

potting bench out on the lawn

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potting bench by garden

I had the potting table over by the garden and truthfully it didn't get as much use as I would have liked so I moved it this year. 

potting bench with terra cotta pots

The potting bench is now directly behind our raised deck, against the fence.  

potting bench against the fence

We have great new neighbors who took down the privacy shrubs that were way overgrown anyway but left us with no privacy. My solution to this was to create a little area just behind the fence that was hidden from view where we built a fire pit and now a potting table. 

fire pit area with chairs, umbrella and potting table

The potting table will do double duty when we bring out things to make s'mores and make a fire in the fire pit.

fire pit with chairs

Today, while primping my potting table I decided I needed to hang a string holder. Now I've made many string holders in my day but this one is going to hang on the potting table and be exposed to the elements.

rebar wire bent in circles

I began with a piece of rebar wire about 2' long. If you don't have rebar wire in your craft stash then you need it. I use it on signs, decorations, and everything. 

black twine and rebar hanger

I wrapped the rebar wire around a dowel three times to create a circle in the center of the wire. I then made a circle on both sides of the center circle. I bent the ends of both sides so they would fit inside a spool of twine and I doubled the ends so they wouldn't slip out. 

black twine and rebar wire hanger

That's it! I used my first piece of twine to create a loop to hang the string holder onto the grate with S hooks. 

twine holder hanging on wire rack

If you don't recognize the S hook grate, it is a repurposed dog cage divider. All I did was to close the hooks on each end and hang it from the fence over the table with an inexpensive over the door hanger from Dollar Tree. I did a whole post on fence hangers several years ago and you can visit it here.

dog cage rack with s hooks and wreath


potting bench area

I'm ready for planting! Each year on my birthday which it just was, I buy all my plants and begin the flowery fun!

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string holder on grate with overlay

I hope you like my vision for the potting bench/table and the string holder. 


string holder with black twine

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potting bench with string holder


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