Textured Clay Heart Bowl Fillers

Today's project is an easy one and it only cost me $1.25 to make because the supplies once again, came from the Dollar Tree.

I'm experimenting with an air dry terra cotta clay I found at the dollar store and my project worked out just as I had hoped! You may even want to invite the kids on this one! 

I added a little texture and I had a bowl full of neutral love for Valentine's Day!

Check it out...   

dough bowl of terra cotta hearts

As I said, the one and only supply I needed to buy for this project was the package of terra cotta air dry clay from the Dollar Tree. You can also find a bigger package of it on Amazon

package of air dry terra cotta clay

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clay on cutting board

I rolled out on a cutting board to about 1/4" and got to work adding texture. 

I searched my house for things that would add texture to the soft clay. If you don't have anything you can purchase a plate with textures to use for this. 

honeycomb vessel and clay

First, I found a ceramic container with a honeycomb design. I rolled the container onto the clay and transferred the honeycomb design to the clay! 

tea towel with texture on clay

The next texture I found was an old tea towel I use for a rag. I laid the tea towel on top of the clay and used a roller over the top of the towel. The design transferred beautifully to the clay. 

burlap and roller

And next, I used a piece of burlap. I did the same thing, laid the burlap on top of the rolled out clay then rolled over the burlap with a roller. The beautiful burlap texture transferred to the clay once again. 

textured clay and heart cookie cutter

Next, I used a heart cookie cutter. The one I used is nothing fancy, it came from my grandchildren's Playdoh box. 

textured hearts on wire tray

I cut out hearts from each textured slab then put then to dry on a wire drying rack. 

textured clay hearts on wire rack

All these hearts came from one package of clay. 

textured clay hearts drying on rack

I let the hearts dry for about 24 hours. The color faded to a beautiful terra cotta color. No need to create a faux terra cotta look on these babies! 

bowl of terra cotta hearts

I experimented with a little Rub and Buff on the texture of a few hearts. I love the idea of it but I only had gold Rub and Buff on hand, silver would have been the color to use to get a good contrasting color on the clay. I love the Rub and Buff so much I really need to get the whole set! 

rub and buff on textured heart

So I filled up a small dough bowl with the clay hearts and I'm calling it Valentine's decor! 

wooden bowl of textured hearts

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bowl of terra cotta hearts and overlay


wooden bowl of terra cotta textured hearts

These are something the grandchildren can touch and this is a project you may even want to do with the children. Have them look around for textures they could use on the clay! 

textured hearts from clay


A fun project for all! 

wooden bowl of clay hearts on red towel


textured clay hearts

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wooden bowl of clay hearts


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