Chippy Cement Paint Treatment on Ceramics

 I love faux paint treatments and I'm always experimenting with something new. 

I've done several makeovers of glass vases recently but this time I've hit the holy grail of paint treatments! 

It's a recipe I've made before but this time I tripled the secret ingredient. 

You won't believe the after! ... 

This project began with a cement paint treatment I've used in the past. 

This time however I layered the paint and added more baking soda each time! 

Don't let this cute little bunny fool you... this is only the beginning, he was the experimental piece! 

cement panted bunny

I'm starting with a ceramic urn I've had in my basement for years. 

glass urn

I am going to add layer upon layer to get the perfect chippy cement effect.

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I began by mixing a light grey chalky craft paint with a little baking soda. 

For the first layer I used 2 parts paint and one part baking soda. 

I mixed the paint and baking soda well and dabbed it onto the urn with a stiff paintbrush. 

painting the end of the urn

When the paint dried, I added more baking soda to the paint to create a thick mud for the second layer. 

Again, I used a stiff paintbrush to dab the mud mixture onto the urn. 

cement treatment

When this layer dried I added even more baking soda to the paint mixture until it was like very thick pudding. 

I dabbed the last layer of the mixture onto the urn and let it dry. 

cement treatment on urn

Next I mixed a white paint with just a dab of grey in it and painted over the whole urn. (no baking soda this time)

light layer over textured layer

When this last layer dried, I went back to the thick paint mixture and added a darker grey. 

I dabbed the darker color onto the vase in random places. 

Finally, I sprayed the urn with a matte sealer! 

layers of dark grey on urn

This process made the urn look old and awesome! 

cement urn and bunny

The bunny came out pretty cute too! 

It really looks like an old chippy cement urn. 

cement urn and hooks with baskets and cutting boards

The layers of paint are on there like... well, cement! 

pin button

cement urn with moss ball and overlay

Looks chippy but it does not chip off the urn! 

cement urn with greenery

You're going to want to try this on everything!

One of my favorites is this one! 

wooden dish on cement pedestal


Cement painted urn with moss ball

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