DIY Outdoor String Light Poles

What do you do when you want to hang string lights in the yard but there is no place to hang them?  You make your own hangers of course! Today my daughter and I are making easy poles for hanging outdoor lights...

outdoor lights and bushes

Easy is right!

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We started out in Home Depot looking for galvanized tubs to fill with cement and a pole to hang string lights. 

What we found was much, much easier and less expensive! 

These cement bases...

cement pole holder with a hole

Not sure what they are really used for but they were perfect for what we had in mind. 

We purchased 6 cement bases and 6 2x2" pressure treated poles. 

Be very sure the poles you buy are straight because some are not. 

The poles and bases were about $8.00 each, a lot less than galvanized tubs! 

We brought the pieces home and mixed up Fast Setting Concrete Mix

filling base with cement

You don't need much cement, about a cup for each base. 

pouncing down the cement

We held the pole in the base then poured in the cement. 

filling base with cement

The cement was thick so it needed to be pounced down with a piece of scrap wood to make sure it filled the space. 

At this time you will want to be very sure the pole is straight. 

The cement dried very quickly. 

cement bases for poles

When the cement was dry we stained the pole. 

staining wooden pole

At the top of the pole we attached a clamp to zip tie the lights to each pole

You can find the clamps on Amazon. 

clamp at top of stained pole

Lastly, we spread out the posts around the patio and attached the lights.

You can paint the cement bases if needed but we are choosing to leave them natural to match the patio pavers. 

light poles spread out on patio


These DIY light poles are the perfect solution to hanging string lights in the yard. 

outdoor lights on poles

The poles can also be easily moved if for any reason you need to move the lights for the night. 

outdoor light bases

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outdoor lights with overlay

outdoor light pole pin

They look amazing at night and couldn't have been easier! 

Need a solar light option? These lights were used on another light pole project and they are great! 

backyard at night with lights

The fire pit is a Solo Fire Pit is an amazing fire pit with little or no smoke and comes in several different sizes! This one is my daughter's and I can't wait to get my own! 

Play the video below to see the fire pit in action! --->> 

If you're thinking of building your own fire pit, I've got the tutorial for you! 

If you plan on adding a gazebo to your patio, here is the perfect way to secure the gazebo with no damage to the patio. 

outdoor lights with overlay

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