Thursday, October 3, 2013

Glittered Acorns

After wrestling the acorns I collected

I was finally able to use them for a project....

I began by painting the acorns orange.

After letting them dry I coated the painted
acorns with Glue for Glitter, then rolled the acorns

When the beautiful little acorns were dry, 
I hot glued the caps back onto the acorns.

You can try these in any color for fall decorating...

They are a gorgeous little fall accent.

The inspiration for my glittered acorns came
from several projects I pinned to my 

for more awesome inspiration from my 5K pins!


  1. These are seriously adorable!! What a great idea!

  2. Those little acorns would be super cute all over my mantel or in a clear tall jar. :)

  3. Susan I just did a wreath with glittered acorns - great minds think alike :)

  4. Did you bake them first or anything? I remember collecting acorns as a kid & after a few weeks there was creepy crawlies in the bag with the acorns. I see acorn crafts and want to try them but don't know for sure how to kill anything that may be sharing the acorn. These are so pretty and I'd really like to "copy".

  5. You ought to give a few back to your squirrel friend to brighten up his bowl ;-)

  6. how fun! :) no acorns around my neck of the woods...

    maybe the squirrels hide them too quickly.


  7. I'm turning you into PETA. You nut stealer you.

  8. I was planning to decorate some acorns and spent time collecting a bunch before the squirrels got them. Put them in a bucket and sat them inside the back door. The next morning I went to let the dogs out and they had EATEN them. Now they are on a constant hunt for more. I know they are not good for them and I really wanted some painted acorns. Your are very lovely!

  9. These are so pretty!!! LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing and hope to see you today : ) hugs...


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