Recycled Drop Cloth Pumpkin

Recycling and using what I have is my favorite thing to do and fall pumpkins are another! Today I'm going to combine those loves and show you my fall mantel along with how I recycled a ribbon spool and created a cute pumpkin! 

fall pumpkin mantel with clock


First I started with this... the cardboard center of a spool of wide ribbon. 

ribbon spool

They come in all shapes and sizes and if you're a crafter, you probably have tons of these. 

I realize not everyone saves everything but after seeing these cute pumpkins, next time you might!

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I tore apart a piece of drop cloth fabric into strips. 

pile of drop cloth strips

The size and the width of your strips is up to you. 

I taped the first strip onto the spool and started wrapping. 

wrapping the spool with drop cloth

When I got to the end of the strip I just wrapped another one. 

I did this until my pumpkin was plump.

wrapping spool

You want the middle of the pumpkin to be wider than the top and bottom of the spool. 

When I got it plump enough I used a strip of drop cloth fabric, and you could use any kind of fabric at this point) and wrapped it around the wrapped spool. 

outer layer of drop cloth fabric

The size of the outer fabric will depend on your spool. 

I made sure it went all the way around my wrapped spool and had enough at the top and bottom to stuff into the holes. 

I used hot glue to attach the fabric when I stuffed it into the hole on the bottom and the top. 

bottom of pumpkin

Next, I used thin string and wrapped it tightly around my pumpkin to form the ribs. 

You'll want to pull the string tightly. 

string wrapped around pumpkin

I tied the string at the top of the pumpkin. 

For the stem I used about 3/4 of an antique clothespin

wrapped pumpkin and clothespin

I cut the clothespin with my Rockwell Bladerunner saw but you could probably also cut it with wire cutters. 

I added a little hot glue then stuffed the clothespin into the top of my pumpkin. 

pumpkin with spanish moss

Around the stem I added a bead of hot glue and Spanish moss, then I added a couple of leaves. 

I didn't care that these didn't look like actual pumpkin leaves, I had them on hand and they look cute! 

drop cloth pumpkin with leaves

The only thing left to do was to add it to my mantel where I have a collection of several of the pumpkins I made this season. 

mantel with clock and pumpkins

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pumpkin in a cloche

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The cement pumpkins came from the Dollar Tree, I just painted the stems and added Spanish moss. 

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pumpkin in cloche pin with overlay

The mantel ladder I made is there year round and couldn't be much easier to make! 

I love a neutral home and mantel and these pumpkins fit the bill!!

pumpkin with leaves and Spanish moss

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pumpkin on a cup


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