Wood Slice Fall Pumpkin Wreath

Sometimes I like to go down to my workshop and just create. I just grab a random collection of items and see what I can make with them. Today I created a pumpkin wreath using wood slices and I think it turned out adorable! ...

wood pile textured pic

For this project the first thing I did was to gather an embroidery hoop I had hanging in my basement workshop and 8 wood slices. 

I used the other half of the embroidery hoop for this fall wreath a while back. 

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I bought my wood slices on Amazon but you can certainly cut your own from your wood pile out back. 

My wood slices have tiny holes for hanging which I'm choosing to ignore for this project. 

I've been hanging on to these wood slices for a long time looking for just the right project to use them. 

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I used Krazy Glue Gel and Hot glue to attach the wood slices in a circle around the embroidery hoop. 

wood slices being glued to embroidery hoop

I weighted it down with my favorite vintage weights that I use all the time and let the glue dry. 

iron weights on a board as a weight

I flipped over the wreath when it was dry. 

wood slices in a circle

Next, I painted each wood slice (pumpkin) orange using Fusion Mineral Paint in Tuscan Orange. 

It only took one coat to cover the wood slices. 

orange painted wood slices

To add shading I dipped the corner of my paintbrush in a brown chalky paint and added the pumpkin ribs. 

You don't have to be an artist to do this. 

orange pumpkins with brown details

I painted the pumpkins in several different directions for interest. 

For the stems I cut the tips off of several vintage clothespins, about 1/2 to 1" long. 

painted pumpkins and clothespin stems

I use the Rockwell Blade Runner saw for many of my craft projects, it's easy to use and quite compact.  

I hot glued the clothespin stems and Spanish moss to the top of each pumpkin. 

pumpkins with stems and moss

On some of the pumpkins I added a faux leaf and tiny fall berries. 

wood slice pumpkins with leaves and berries

I added a burlap bow to the bottom of the wreath and a twisted rebar wire to hang it. 

burlap bow on wreath

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pumpkin wreath with overlay for pin

I think it looks adorable and I can't wait to hang it up on my front door for Fall. 

Fall wreath with pumpkins and a bow

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pumpkin circle wreath with bow


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