DIY Projects Using Folding Chairs

Wooden folding chairs are easy to find and fun to repurpose.

DIY Projects Using Folding Chairs
On my way to work one day I found big a stack of folding chairs on the side of the road. Each one was stenciled with a last name on the back.  

I kid you not... people throw away the strangest things! 

Today I have 3 fun projects showing how I repurposed those chairs. Each project was sold in my little shop space. 

The first project involved giving the chairs a beachy look. Honestly I could have painted them all this gorgeous color and stopped right there.  

DIY Projects Using Vintage Folding Chairs

The second project I made with the chairs was slightly unusual but a fun project none the less. 

Projects Using Vintage Folding Chairs

This folding chair project was just that... folded!

The last makeover was one that means a lot to me... 

This chair was the perfect chair for a bride-to-be!


Thanks for visiting and I hope the next time you run across an old wooden folding chair you will do more than just use it to sit on. Have fun repurposing! 

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