Front Door Fall Decor

This piece was a garage sale find. I knew I would do something with it, I just wasn't sure what.  A little thought and a can of orange spray paint and the wheels were set in motion! 

round basket with handles

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I turned the basket over with the top showing and sprayed it with orange spray paint

orange spray painted basket

The coverage was great, you just have to be sure to spray it from every angle because sometimes the wicker can hide spots you might miss. 

Once I got the dried basket down to my workshop I removed one of the handles. 

The remaining basket handle will be used as a hanger. 

In case you haven't guessed yet, this is going to be a pumpkin! Surprise! LOL

The stem I created from a piece of burlap and a toilet paper tube. 

Love my peel and stick brick background?! It is amazing! 

burlap and tp tube

I wrapped the burlap around the tube and hot glued it closed. 

burlap around toilet paper tube

At the top of the tube I tucked the burlap in for the top of the pumpkin stem. 

I grabbed some fall foliage and berries from my collection of floral pieces and used hot glue to attach them to the top of the basket by the handle. 

fall leaves and berries

It was at this point that I burned the #$&@ out of my finger! Be careful! 

I cut about an inch off the bottom of my stem then cut 2 slits in either side to hot glue it to the top of the pumpkin. 

burlap stem and fall foliage

The next step was to use a few wooden leaves I had from a garland similar to these. 

I stenciled the letters FALL onto the leaves using brown chalk paint and inexpensive cardboard stencils. 

I used a stencil that was slightly large for these leaves and I love the effect. 

brown chalky paint and stencils

I attached the mini garland with letters to the front of the pumpkin with hot glue. 

stenciled wooden leaves

This time I was a little more careful! 

All that was left was to hang it on my front door using a wreath hanger through the handle I left on the basket. 

fall pumpkin decoration on front door

It looks so pretty on my front door against the white background! 

FALL pumpkin on front door

This is a great fall wreath alternative! After painting my old front door about 6 times I decided to leave the new front door white so the things I hang there will really pop! 

pumpkin basket on front door

Easy front door wreaths and wreath alternatives for every season are some of my favorite things to make!

Another place I like to hang a wreath or a decoration like this is on the vintage framed bulletin board I made at one time. 

That was an easy project too that just involved covering a bulletin board with fabric and adding a painted vintage frame. 

pumpkin decor on bulletin board

Here are some other fun bulletin board ideas! 

The bulletin board hangs in my home right above the white metal hardware cabinet I repurposed and filled with everything you'd find in a junk drawer! 

The wooden bowl was another easy repurposed project I made. 

large pumpkin basket on bulletin board

I hope you liked this easy project! 

Another project I made for the Fall a few years ago used a similar basket. 

Take a look at garage sales or thrift stores for round baskets and DIY yourself an easy pumpkin! 

fall pumpkin on front door

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