Recycled Blue Jean Denim Pumpkins

Aren't these recycled denim pumpkins adorable?! And they are not hard to make! No sewing involved which is the best part! I took a little bit of several different stuffed pumpkin ideas and made these my own. The best part is that these recycled denim pumpkins were almost FREE!

denim pumpkins with sticks and Spanish moss

First I started with the leg of a pair of recycled denim jeans. 

leg of blue jeans cut into a rectangel

These jeans had a little bit of stretch in them, I'm not sure if that makes any difference but these did. 

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I cut opened the leg of the pants and straightened out the shape so it was a long rectangle. 

I gathered the end of the fabric by just folding it back and forth. 

gathering ends of blue jeans

I secured the gather with a 6" zip tie. 

zip tie gather of blue jean

I did the same with the other end of the fabric. 

gathered ends of blue jean with zip ties

Next, I tucked the gathered ends into the middle of the fabric. 

denim ends tucked inside

Keeping with my free and recycled theme today, I cut open an old pillow to use the stuffing for my pumpkin. 

If you don't have an old pillow you can use Poly-fil

I filled the pumpkin with the pillow stuffing making sure to tuck it into all the folds. 

I made sure my pumpkin was plump and round.

Next, I closed the seam with hot glue. 

hot gluing the seams together

Adding the hot glue about an inch at a time, I closed the seam being careful not to burn my fingers. 

You could also use a low temperature glue gun or one that does both, which helps

Once my pumpkin was closed I grabbed about a 5' length of thin, strong twine and folded it in half to find the center. 

pumpkin and twine

I wrapped the twine around my pumpkin pulling it tight enough to create pumpkin ribs. 

string wrapped around pumpkin

As I wrapped the twine I criss crossed it on the top then back to the bottom. 

twine wrapped around pumpkin 4 times

I wrapped the twine until I had 8 sections on my pumpkin then tied it off on the bottom. 

twine wrapped pumpkin forming ribs

Now it was time to decorate the top of my denim pumpkin. 

I used a circle of hot glue to attach a little bit of Spanish moss then more hot glue to attach a stick from my yard that I cut to size. 

Spanish moss on top of pumpkin

My backyard stick stem is cut to about 1.5"-2" long. 

denim pumpkin with Spanish moss and a stem

I added a little wired pip berry wire as a tendril on the top of my pumpkin. 


denim pumpkins with Spanish moss and stems

Now to add a different spin on my pumpkins, and you can certainly leave off this part, I added hot glue to 2 wood slices and attached my pumpkins. 

2 wood slices

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denim pumpkin with overlay

The wood slices gave my pumpkins a solid base. 

denim pumpkins with wood slice bases

I think they are adorable and the best part is that they didn't cost a cent because the decorations on top of the pumpkin were leftover from previous dollar store pumpkin projects

You could do similar using recycled drop cloth fabric as well


recycled denim pumpkins on wooden bases

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denim pumpkin with Spanish moss and stem


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